Annual Give and Go Sale

Date: May 2012

Policy: At the end of each spring semester, students may donate items they no longer want or need (e.g., clothing, bikes, electronics, books, kitchenware, sheets, small appliances, etc.) to the annual Give and Go Sale by placing items in specific donation bins in residence halls around campus. The College partners with various local charities and their volunteers to collect, move, sort, and price the items for sale in early June and the charities share the profits from the sale. Items that are donated and deemed to be property of the College, e.g, security signs, stolen or lost items, will be returned to the College.

Bowdoin employees and charity volunteers may be invited to preview and buy Give and Go sale items for a limited time in advance of the public sale.

Bowdoin employees are not entitled to inspect, sort, or move sale items unless they are working as/identified as charity volunteers or serve in an official capacity to inspect items for sale. Occasionally students will leave goods in their rooms that might be appropriate for recycling at Give and Go. Facilities Management staff should consult with their supervisors about treating these items as trash or recycled donations. Employees who intentionally take or possess items designated as donations for the Give and Go sale will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

If students want to give an item(s) to a Bowdoin employee as a gift, they should consult with Residential Life or Facilities Management for the proper authorization documentation. Employees will not be able to accept the item(s) unless an authorization form is completed and filed.


Name of Student:
Item(s) designated as gift:
To: Name of Employee
Authorized by: Signature of Authorized Person (e.g., Housekeeping supervisor, Associate Director of Facilities Management, Director of Facilities Management, SVP for Finance and Administration, Director of Security, etc.)