Pre-Modern Courses

The following courses fulfill the major's requirement for a pre-modern course. If there is an additional course that you feel should be on this list, or if you have any questions, please contact the department coordinator for assistance.

First-year seminars

  • 010{1006} Monsters, Marvels & Messiah; Europe During the Age of Discovery
  • 013{1035} Living in the Sixteenth Century
  • 018{1008} New Worlds, New Goods: Consumerism in Early Modern Europe (formerly the Consumer Revolution in the Atlantic World)

Introductory courses

  • 1112. History of Ancient Rome: From Romulus to Justinian.
  • 110c{1140} Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation Europe
  • 127{1160} Early Modern Europe: Reformation to Revolution

Intermediate lecture courses

  • 201c{2001} History of Ancient Greece: Bronze Age to the Death of Alexander
  • 202c{2002} Ancient Rome
  • 204c{2040} Science, Magic, and Religion
  • 205c{2041} A History of the Body
  • 2048. Medieval Europe: 1075 to 1415.
  • 206c{2230} Immorality & Political Revolution in Ancient Rome
  • 207{2042} The Good Life
  • 209{2286} Indigenous Identity and Politics in Latin America, 1492-Present
  • 214c{2003} City and Country in Roman Culture
  • 221c{2083} History of England, 1485-1688
  • 231c{2121} Colonial America and the Atlantic World, 1607-1763
  • 243c{2060} Old Regime and Revolutionary France
  • 251{2062} Conquistadors, Commerce, & Constitutions
  • 252c{2401} Colonial Latin America
  • 262c{2362} Africa and the Atlantic World 1400-1880
  • 271{2061} Culture Wars in the Age of Enlightenment
  • 273{2321} Late Imperial China
  • 275{2320} The Emergence of Chinese Civilization
  • 282c{2341} India and Indian Ocean Worlds
  • 283c{2300} The Origins of Japanese Culture and Civilization

Intermediate seminars

  • 203c{2842} Islam and Christianity in West Africa
  • 210c{2521} Origins of Modernity
  • 260{2781} Science, Technology, and Society in China
  • 277{2541} Crime and Punishment
  • 278{2540} The Politics of Private Life (formerly Marriage and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe and the Atlantic World)
  • 281c{2760} The Courtly Society of Heian Japan
  • 285c{2761} Conquests and Heroes
  • 286c{2762} Japan and the World

300/3000-Level Advanced Seminars

  • 301{3001} Place in American History
  • 307c{3040} Topics in Medieval and Early Modern History
  • 324{3060} Great Nation, Haunted Nation: Memory and the French Revolution
  • 380c{3300} The Warrior Culture of Japan