Honors Submission Schedule, 2017-2018

Friday, September 22:  Prospectus: The prospectus should include an abstract or description of the subject and the problem or question(s) that the student is exploring, and, to the extent possible, a preliminary (or working) hypothesis (1-2 single-spaced pages). It should include a preliminary bibliography of primary and secondary sources, and a preliminary outline of the essay. Individual advisors may also require a preliminary annotated bibliography at this time. This first assignment creates a working document that the student will continue to develop as the research and analysis progresses. (Please give one copy of the prospectus to each reader on your advisory committee).

Friday, October 13: The student will submit an 6-8 page paper, double-spaced, which a) presents the subject, and the working hypothesis, b) places the honors projection into the relevant historiographical and theoretical literature, and c) describes the methodology for collecting and analyzing the sources. At the discretion of the advisor, d) the student will also submit an annotated bibliography at this time. This assignment might represent a first thinking through of the introduction to the essay.

Friday, December 1: A draft of a substantive section (or a chapter) of the essay will be due. After having read and commented on this paper, the advisory committee will meet with the student. The advisory committee will then make a recommendation by the end of the semester as to whether the project should continue into the second semester or if it should become an independent study.

Friday, February 2: The student will submit a draft of the next substantive section (or a chapter) of the essay. Spring term deadlines may be altered by agreement of the project committee.

Friday, March 9:  A draft of the next substantive section (or a chapter) of the essay will be due either before or after spring break, based on the decision of the primary advisor.

Friday, April 13: The student will hand in a completed draft of the project unless other arrangements have been made with their advisor and subcommittee. Soon after the completed draft has been read by the advisory committee, the student and the committee will meet to review the project to ensure that satisfactory progress has been made up to that point.

Friday, May 4: The student will hand in the final honors essay