First-Year Seminars

First Year Seminars introduce students to college level writing through the study of history as a discipline. Enrollment is limited to sixteen students in each seminar.

First Year Seminars (2014-2015)

  • 1004. A Global History of Food
  • 1006. Monsters, Marvels, and Messiahs
  • 1014. Utopia: Intentional Communities in America, 1630-1997
  • 1017. Black Humor
  • 1022. Science and Society
  • 1033. Japan in the World
  • 1036. China Encounters the West

Recent First Year Seminars

  • The Sexual Life of Colonialism
  • Memoirs & Memory in American History
  • Science & Society
  • New Worlds, New Goods: Consumerism in Early Modern Europe
  • "Bad" Women Make Great History
  • From Montezuma to Bin Laden: Globalization and its Critics
  • Utopian Communities in America
  • Living in the Sixteenth Century (Japan)
  • In Sickness and in Health: Public Health in Europe and America
  • Globalizing India
  • Monsters, Marvels and Messiahs: Europe in the Age of Discovery
  • Frontier Crossings: The Western Experience in American History
  • Bad Girls of the 1950's
  • The Civil War in Film
  • Players and Spectators
  • Living in the Sixteenth Century
  • Introduction to Historical Writing