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Tricia Welsch

Professor of Cinema Studies
Director of Cinema Studies Program

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Cinema Studies

Sills Hall - 116

Teaching this semester

CINE 1025. Crime Film

Considers gangster films in depth, exploring how popular narrative film manages the threat posed by the criminal's racial, ethnic, or gender difference. Examines shifts in the genre's popularity and assesses the implications of considering genre entertainment art. Weekly writing, extensive reading, and mandatory attendance at evening film screenings.

CINE 2201. History of Film 1895 to 1935

Examines the development of film from its origins to the American studio era. Includes early work by the Lumières, Méliès, and Porter, and continues with Griffith, Murnau, Eisenstein, Chaplin, Keaton, Stroheim, Pudovkin, Lang, Renoir, and von Sternberg. Special attention is paid to the practical and theoretical concerns over the coming of sound. Attendance at weekly evening screenings is required.

Patricia A. Welsch: Bowdoin College: Film Studies


  • B.A. (Fordham)
  • M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia)

  • Biography and film
  • Film history, especially early and silent periods 
  • British, German, and American cinema 
  • Works of major directors 
  • Film comedy
  • Gangster genre 
  • Gay and lesbian cinema