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Sarah F. McMahon

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HIST 2609 / GSWS 2601. History of Women's Voices in America

Sarah McMahon
Seminar. Examines women’s voices in America from 1650 to the twentieth century, as these emerged in private letters, journals, and autobiographies; poetry, short stories, and novels; essays, addresses, and prescriptive literature. Readings from the secondary literature provide a historical framework for examining women’s writings. Research projects focus on the form and content of women’s literature and the ways that it illuminates women’s understandings, reactions, and responses to their historical situation. This course is part of the following field(s) of study: United States.

HIST 2121. Colonial America and the Atlantic World, 1607-1763

Sarah McMahon
A social history of the emigration to and founding and growth of the colonies in British North America. Explores the difficulties of creating a new society, economy, polity, and culture in an unfamiliar and already inhabited environment; the effects of diverse regional and national origins, and often conflicting goals and expectations on the early settlement and development of the colonies; the gradual adaptations and changes in European, Native American, and African cultures, and their separate, combined, and often contested contributions to a new provincial, increasingly stratified (socially, economically, and politically), and regionally disparate culture; and the later problems of maturity and stability as the thirteen colonies began to outgrow the British imperial system and become a new American society. This course is part of the following field(s) of study: United States and Atlantic Worlds. It also meets the pre-modern requirement.

Sarah McMahon


A.B. Wellesley College
Ph.D. Brandeis University

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  Teaching Oral Communication:
  History 12, Utopia: Intentional Communities
  in America, 1630-1977

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History 247 Service Learning Project

  Maine Matters:  Exploring Local, Mid-Coast, and Maine History

  The Home Front:
   Bowdoin and Brunswick Before the War

Sarah McMahon offers survey courses on colonial and early national US social history and thematic courses—both surveys and seminars—on family and community, women, utopia, and Maine environmental history.  Her articles on the history of diet and the culture of food in New England and the Midwest have been published in Historical Methods, William and Mary Quarterly, Agricultural History, and in essay collections on early American technology and Midwestern women.  Her current research focuses on change and continuity (ecological, economic, social, and cultural) in Harpswell, a mid-coast Maine farming, fishing, and maritime community, and situates the community in its local, regional, and national context, 1840-1900.

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  Hubbard Library—Bowdoin College, Brunswick. Me.  (c. 1907)

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