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Steven R. Cerf

George Lincoln Skolfield, Jr., Professor of German



Ph.D Yale University, 1975
M. Ph. Yale University, 1971
B.A. Queens College, CUNY, 1966

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Interiority Revealed: Korngold's Die tote Stadt, Lincoln Center, 2001
Liminality and Serenity: Mahler's Rückert Lieder, Lincoln Center, 2001
Three Poets and One Cycle: Schubert's Schwanengesang, Lincoln Center, 2001
Schumann and Wolf, Lincoln Center, 2000
Exile as Theme in Schubert and Eisler, Lincoln Center, 2000
Journey Beyond Death, Lincoln Center, 1999
A Child's Death: the Anguish of a Parent, Lincoln Center, 1999
Nietzche in Turn-of-the-Century Vienna: Mahler's Third, Lincoln Center, 1998
"Anne Frank's Short Stories: A Mirror of the Diarist's Inner Self,"  Bates College, 1997
"Wilhelm Müller and Franz Schubert: The Role of the Seasons in the  Cycles," Lincoln Center, 1997
"Gustav Mahler's Lifelong Obsession with Des Knaben Wunderhorn," Lincoln Center, 1996
"Peter Härtling's Franz Schubert Biography: An Interview and an Interpretation," Lincoln Center, 1995
"Hugo Wolf and Eduard Mörike: Epic Miniaturists," Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, 1994
"Impressionen--Auf dem Abschiedsempfang der Stadt Nürnberg," 1991
"The Three Anne Frank Films: Strategies in Teaching the Holocaust," Bates College, 1988  
"Teaching the Holocaust through Cinema."  Workshop given for high school teachers in the Greater Portland Area, 1987
"Aesthetics of Reception: Prose Treatments of Don Giovanni."  Paper presented at the 200th anniversary of the première of Mozart's Don Giovanni at Bates College, 1987
"Plague as a Theme in Literature: Then and Now."  Workshop presented on the theme of AIDS in imaginative writing, Augusta, 1987
"The Nürnberg Trials and the 'Weizsäcker Rede.'"  Paper presented at the University of Maine in Augusta, 1986
"Carl Maria von Weber's Tonkünstlers Leben: The Role of the Novel within the Composer's Operatic Oeuvre."  Paper presented at a Symposium on Romanticism at McMaster University, 1983
"Death in Venice: Operatic Stream-of-Consciousness."  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association, 1983
"Opera as Literature."  Paper presented at University of Connecticut,1982
"Don Carlos and Don Carlo: A Comparison."  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association, 1981
"The Role of George Brandes in the Zauberberg."  Paper presented at  annual meeting of the American Association of Teachers of German  meeting, Atlanta, 1979
"Agnes Meyer and the Genesis of Joseph der Ernä hrer."  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Northeast Modern Language Association, 1978
"Film and the Classroom: Modes of Instruction."  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association, 1977
"Die Frau ohne Schatten as Modernistic Fairy Tale."  Paper presented at a Symposium on Literature and the Other Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, 1977

Evaluator of Translation and Critical Essay for an edition of Elsa Bernstein, MLA, 2003 Seminar Leader, Imaginative Writing as Forum: Bridging Cultural Gaps in an ever-shrinking World, Maine Humanities Council, 2003

Seminar Leader, Diachronic and Synchronic Styles in Twentieth-Century Imaginative Writing, Maine Humanities Council, 2002

Seminar Leader,Exile and Displacement in Twentieth-Century Modernist and Post-Modernist Imaginative Writing, Maine Humanities Council, 2001

Outside Reader, MA Thesis, Dartmouth College, 2001

Seminar Leader, Reading as Empowerment, Maine Humanities Council,2000

Seminar Leader, Creating Change: The Novel as Forum for Reform, Maine Humanities Council 1998

Outside curricular evaluator, Department of German, Colgate University, 1997 and Colorado College, 1998

Outside curricular evaluator, Department of German, Colby College, 1995 and Dartmouth College, 1995

Chief Faculty Consultant, German AP, 1994-1997

Seminar Leader, "The Role of the Survivor and Survival in Western Literature," Maine Humanities Council, 1997

Seminar Leader, "Utopias and Dystopias in Western Literature," Maine Humanities Council, 1996

Seminar Leader, "Illness and its Metaphors," Maine Humanities Council, 1995

Presenter, "AP-German Workshop," University of Texas, Austin, 1994

Reader and evaluator of submitted manuscripts for Seminar, A Journal of German Studies, 1981-, Modern Austrian Literature, 1982-, The University of Toronto Press, 1986-, The German Quarterly, 1988-, and Colloquia Germanica, 1989-

Seminar Leader, "The Role of Gender in Modernist Literature", Maine Humanities Council, 1994

Chief Reader Designate, AP German, 1993-1994

Outside Evaluator for Promotion with Tenure: Dartmouth College, Swarthmore College, Grinnell College, Hamilton College, and Boston College

Seminar Leader, "The Role of the City in Modernist Literature," Maine Humanities Council, 1993

Seminar Leader, "Autobiography as Literature," Maine Humanities Council, 1991

Seminar Leader, "Writing Wrong: Imaginative Writing and Social Issues,"Maine Humanities Council, 1990

Seminar Leader, "The Anti-Hero as Other in Modern Literature," Maine Humanities Council, 1989

Seminar Leader, "The Anti-Hero in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature, Maine Humanities Council, 1988

Seminar Leader, "The Prison Symbol in Literature," Maine Humanities Council, 1987

Seminar Leader, "Law and Literature in the Twentieth Century, " Maine Council for the Humanities, 1986

Seminar Leader, "Literature and the Holocaust: Teaching the Holocaust in Maine Schools," Maine Humanities Council, 1984

Curricular Evaluator of the Modern Language Department, Whitman College, 1984

Seminar Leader, "Imaginative Writing and the Law," Maine Humanities Council, 1983

Outside examiner and evaluator of major honors examnations, Dept. ofGerman, Bates College, 1993, and, Dept. of German, Swarthmore College, 1980, 1983 and 1995

Reader and Scorer, ETS, AP German, 1980-1993

Chairman of Section, New Source Material on Thomas Mann, annual meeting of the Modern Language Association, 1978

Member, National Advisory Council of Junior Year Study in Munich/Freiburg, 1976-

"Teaching the Holocaust through Imaginative Writing," Talk given at the  Bowdoin Friends Meeting, Brunswick, 1996

"Teaching the Holocaust:Racism in Germany Today," Talk given at the  Bowdoin Alumni Club of Lewiston, 1992

Member of the Advisory Committee on the Code of Professional Responsibility for the Maine State Bar Association, 1988-1992

"Weimar Cinema," Elderhostel course, Bowdoin College, 1986

"The Literary Imagination and the Holocaust," a recertification course  for high school teachers, Bowdoin College, 1984

"Literary Imagination and the Holocaust," workshop and lectures  presented at Bates College, as part of "The Holocaust Remembered," 1982

Consulting Scholar, Maine Humanities Council, 1981-

Forty reviews on music, theater, and the other performing arts, Maine Times, 1975-82

Guide for the Hannoverian youth Orchestra, 1980

The Opera Buff, radio program, WDCS-FM, Portland, Maine 1977-78 and 1980-81

Interdisciplinary Courses Taught

  • The Emergence of the European Encyclopedic Novel, 1992
  • The Faust Myth Through the Ages, 1987, 1995
  • The Holocaust and the Literary Imagination, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000
  • Turn-of-the-Century Vienna, 1982, 1998
  • Scandinavian Thought and Culture, 1979, 1981

Team-Taught Courses

  • Nineteenth-Century German Opera, 1989
  • The Operas of Verdi, 1981, 1987
  • The Music Dramas of Wagner, 1978, 1986
  • Mozart's Operas, 1984
  • The Age of the Enlightenment, 1981
  • Twentieth-Century Opera, 1980