Ronald Christensen

James Stacy Coles Professor of Natural Sciences Emeritus


  • Ph.D. , Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1972
  • A.M. , Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1969
  • A.B., Oberlin College; Oberlin, Ohio, 1967

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(undergraduate co-authors are indicated by *s)

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Professional Experience

2005-07   Program Officer, Division of Chemistry, Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences, the National Science Foundation
2003-04   Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Connecticut.
2003       American Chemical Society Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution.
2000-03   Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the Sciences, Bowdoin College.
1999-       James Stacy Coles Professor of Natural Sciences, Bowdoin College.
1998       Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College, London.
1993-95   Chair, Department of Chemistry, Bowdoin College.
1989-90   Visiting Research Fellow in Department of Physical Chemistry, The University of Melbourne, Australia. Visiting Professor, Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan.
1988-       Professor of Chemistry, Bowdoin College.
1987-89   Chair, Department of Chemistry, Bowdoin College.
1982-88   Associate Professor of Chemistry, Bowdoin College.
1982-83   Visiting Professor, Royal Institution of Great Britain, London - time resolved fluorescence and fluorescence anisotropy of synthetic polymers and biological membranes.
1980-82   Director, Bowdoin College Summer Course, Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Techniques and Applications.
1976-82   Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Bowdoin College.
1975-76   Research Fellow in Chemistry, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut- high resolution optical spectroscopy of linear polyenes.
1973-75   Research Fellow at the Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden, the Netherlands - low temperature studies of molecular crystals using high resolution optical spectroscopy, epr, and zero-field optical-magnetic double resonance.
1970-72   Sanger Research Fellow, Harvard University.
1967-70   Teaching Fellow in undergraduate chemistry courses, Harvard University.