Matthew Botsch

Assistant Professor of Economics

Teaching this semester

ECON 2303. Financial Crises

Matthew Botsch
Presents a historical and theoretical overview of financial crises. Covers models of exchange-rate crises, sovereign debt crises, and banking crises. A particular focus on the financial crisis of 2007-09, with close readings of contemporary accounts on the origins and propagation mechanisms linking this crisis to the Great Recession.

ECON 2556. Macroeconomics

Matthew Botsch
An intermediate-level study of contemporary national income, employment, and inflation theory. Consumption, investment, government receipts, government expenditures, money, and interest rates are examined for their determinants, interrelationships, and role in determining the level of aggregate economic activity. Policy implications are drawn from the analysis.

Matthew J. Botsch, assistant professor of economics, specializes in the economics of banking and finance, with an emphasis on the effects of asymmetric information and behavioral biases on decision-making. He is particularly interested in the interactions between credit market distortions and the real economy.He teaches courses on macroeconomics and financial economics. His recent working papers study lending and borrowing decisions in the syndicated loan market and the residential mortgage market.


  • Ph.D. , University of California - Berkeley
  • B.A., Amherst College

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