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Meghan Roberts

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Dudley Coe Building - 301A

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HIST 1009. Reacting to the Past

Meghan Roberts
Immerses students in the religious, political, and scientific culture of early modern Europe through the study of two key episodes: Henry VIII's efforts to assume control of the Church of England and Galileo's trial for heresy. Students participate in these debates through role-playing games. Each plays a historical figure and attempts to shape the course of events. After an initial set-up phase, students take charge of the class, giving speeches, writing letters, conducting secret negotiations, and otherwise working to convince their classmates of their views. Note: This course is part of the following field(s) of study: Europe. It also fulfills the pre-modern requirement for history majors.

HIST 2062. Europe's Age of Expansion, 1492-1789

Meghan Roberts
The practice of European politics changed dramatically between the Renaissance and the French Revolution. National governments became more centralized and more powerful. At the same time, Europe transformed from a relatively weak region to a dominant world power. Specific topics include political thought, cross-cultural encounters, fiscal crisis and reform, policing, commerce, war, and rebellion. Note: This course is part of the following field(s) of study: Europe, Atlantic Worlds, and Colonial Worlds. It also fulfills the pre-modern requirement for history majors.

Meghan Roberts - Bowdoin College HistoryMedieval and Early Modern Studies Program, Bowdoin College


  • Ph.D., History, Northwestern University (2011)

  • M.A., History, Northwestern University (2006)

  • B.A., History, College of William and Mary (2004)


I am a historian of early modern Europe and the Atlantic World with particular interests in cultural history and the history of science and medicine. I am the author of Sentimental Savants: Philosophical Families in Enlightenment France (University of Chicago Press, 2016). My work has been supported by numerous fellowships, including a Jacob K. Javits fellowship from the Department of Education and a Millstone Fellowship from the Western Society for French History. For more on my current research and teaching, please visit my personal website: www.meghankroberts.com