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Morten Hansen

Visiting Assistant Professor of English

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Massachusetts Hall - 207

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ENGL 2550. Modern and Contemporary American Literature

Survey of twentieth and early twenty-first-century American literature. Readings include novels, short stories, poems, and plays. Explores the relationship between literary form and the changes brought on by the epochal events of modernity. Pays special attention to how America is imagined and reimagined as a geographical space, a community, and a set of purposes. Topics include immigration, changing race relations, war, issues of gender and sexuality, and new technologies. Authors may include Willa Cather, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, James Baldwin, and Claudia Rankine.


  • Ph.D. The University of Virginia, English
  • M.A. University of Virginia, English
  • B.A. University of Copenhagen, Comparative Literature

American and global literature and culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Global American literature and culture; twentieth and twenty-first century American literature; literary and political theory; the contemporary epic.

" 'A World of Something': Jamaica Kincaid and the New Global Epic" Comparative Literature (forthcoming).