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Leah C. Wilson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience 

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Kanbar Hall - 221

Teaching this semester

NEUR 2750/PSYC 2750. Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience: Social Behavior

A laboratory course that exposes students to modern techniques in neuroscience that can be applied to the study of social behavior. Underlying concepts associated with various molecular, neuroanatomical, pharmacological, and electrophysiological methods are discussed in a lecture format. Students then use these techniques in laboratory preparations that demonstrate how social behavior is organized within the central nervous system of vertebrate animals, including humans.

NEUR 3050/PSYC 3050. Hormones and Behavior

An advanced discussion of concepts in behavioral neuroendocrinology. Topics include descriptions of the major classes of hormones, their roles in the regulation of development and adult behavioral expression, and the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for their behavioral effects. Hormonal influences on reproductive, aggressive, and parental behaviors, as well as on cognitive processes are considered.

Leah Wilson


  • B.A. Oberlin
  • M.S. William and Mary
  • Ph.D. Indiana University

Research Interests

My research is motivated by two central questions: 1) what are the neuroendocrine mechanisms of social behavior, and 2) how do neuroendocrine mechanisms generate individual and species differences in behavior? My dissertation work focused on the neuroendocrine mechanisms that generate seasonal variation in group size in sparrows. At Bowdoin, I will explore how different neurochemical systems organize social behavior in a teleost fish (the goldfish).

Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/leahcwilson/