Gregory Paul DeCoster

Associate Professor of Economics

Teaching this semester

ECON 1102. Principles of Macroeconomics, A

An introduction to economic analysis and institutions, with special emphasis on determinants of the level of national income, prices, and employment. Current problems of inflation and unemployment are explored with the aid of such analysis, and alternative views of the effectiveness of fiscal, monetary, and other governmental policies are analyzed. Attention is given to the sources and consequences of economic growth and to the nature and significance of international linkages through goods and capital markets.

ECON 2001. Economic Policy

Economic analysis can bring clarity to confused and contentious policy debates. Focuses on using economic analysis to anticipate the potential consequences of implementing major policy proposals, including those relating to globalization, international trade and finance, inequality of income and wealth, economic growth and development, the financial system, the government budget and debt, price stability and employment, and the environment.


  • Ph.D., Texas
  • B.S., Tulsa