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George Lopez

Beckwith Artist-in-Residence

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Gibson Hall - 2

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MUS 2777. Orchestra

George Lopez
An auditioned ensemble of about fifty student musicians playing woodwind, brass, percussion, and string instruments. Repertoire for the group varies widely from semester to semester and explores the vast body of orchestral literature from the past 250 years to today. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

MUS 2779. Chamber Ensembles

Mary Hunter George Lopez
Groups of three to six students, formed by audition. With the guidance of a faculty coach, these groups delve into and perform select pieces from the chamber music repertory of the the past four hundred years. Some of these groups will be standard chamber ensembles (e.g., string quartets, piano trios, brass quintets); others will be formed according to student and repertoire demand. Rehearsals are arranged to suit the players' and coach's schedules.

George Lopez