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Frank Mauceri

Senior Lecturer in Music

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Gibson Hall - 205

Teaching this semester

MUS 1401. Introduction to Music Theory

Mary Hunter Frank Mauceri
Designed for students with some beginning experience in music theory and an ability to read music. Covers scales, keys, modes, intervals, and basic tonal harmony.

MUS 2551. Introduction to Electronic Music

Frank Mauceri
Examination of the history and techniques of electronic and computer music. Topics include compositional aesthetics, recording technology, digital and analog synthesis, sampling, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), and computer-assisted composition. Ends with a concert of student compositions.

MUS 2783. Jazz Ensembles

Frank Mauceri
Groups of four to six students, formed by audition, and performing both modern and classic standards, plus some original compositions by students and faculty. They perform one concert a semester on campus, and appear occasionally in other venues. Rehearsals are arranged to suit the players’ and coaches’ schedules.

Frank Mauceri

B.A., B.M.,  Oberlin
M.M., D.M.A., University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign