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Frank Mauceri

Senior Lecturer in Music

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Gibson Hall - 205

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MUS 2783. Jazz Ensembles

Frank Mauceri
Groups of four to six students, formed by audition, and performing both modern and classic standards, plus some original compositions by students and faculty. They perform one concert a semester on campus, and appear occasionally in other venues. Rehearsals are arranged to suit the players’ and coaches’ schedules.

MUS 3403. Jazz Theory: Advanced Topics in Chromatic Harmony and Rhythm

Frank Mauceri
The practice of jazz improvisation and composition offers a tradition rich with innovations in harmony and rhythm. Many of these innovations have become integral to a wide variety of musical styles, including pop, soul, rock, and film music. Provides an opportunity to expand musical understanding and vocabulary for improvisation and composition in a variety of tonal contexts. Bridges analysis and practice, examining a variety of theoretical devices and applying them to performance, composition, and arranging. Exercises include keyboard harmony, solo transcription, improvisation practice, and composition projects. Topics include chromatic harmony, modal techniques, upper chord extensions, altered dominants, chord substitutions, song forms, and borrowed rhythmic divisions.

MUS 3551. Computer Music Composition and Sound Synthesis

Frank Mauceri
Covers advanced topics in computer music. Focuses on algorithmic composition and sound synthesis. Discusses the significance of these techniques with reference to information theory, cybernetics, and cultural critiques of media technology. Students design projects in computer-assisted composition, video sound tracks, and live (real time) media applications.

MUS 4040. Senior Project in Music

Robert Greenlee Mary Hunter Frank Mauceri Vineet Shende Darien Lamen
All senior majors must take this course, which involves either a single semester of independent work or the second semester of an honors thesis. In addition to weekly individual meetings with a faculty advisor, students meet as a group with the entire faculty several times during the semester. Must be taken in the spring of the senior year. Open only to senior music majors.

Frank Mauceri

B.A., B.M.,  Oberlin
M.M., D.M.A., University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign