Eileen Sylvan Johnson

Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Teaching this semester

ENVS 2331 / DCS 2331. The Nature of Data: Introduction to Environmental Analysis

Eileen Sylvan Johnson Crystal Hall
Examines emerging digital techniques in environmental management and analysis within government, academic, and media sectors. Topics include collaborative resource management, leveraging the power of social networks, social-ecological system management, the role of volunteered information and citizen science, and expanding capacities for adaptation and resilience. Introduces the basics of the programming language R for network and text analysis, spatial analysis and GIS, geotagging, and crowdsourcing.

ENVS 2004. Understanding Place: GIS and Remote Sensing

Eileen Sylvan Johnson
Geographical information systems (GIS) organize and store spatial information for geographical presentation and analysis. They allow rapid development of high-quality maps, and enable powerful and sophisticated investigation of spatial patterns and interrelationships. Introduces concepts of cartography, database management, remote sensing, and spatial analysis. The productive use of GIS and Remote Sensing technology with an emphasis on the biophysical sciences and environmental management is investigated through a variety of applied exercises and problems culminating in a semester project that addresses a specific environmental application.

I teach courses that incorporate spatial analysis and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and remote sensing with a community based focus. I also oversee the ES program’s endowed summer fellowship program.


  • PhD, Ecology and Environmental Science, University of Maine; Orono, ME
  • MRP, Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts; Amherst, MA
  • BS, Cornell University; Ithaca, NY