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Elizabeth Muther

Associate Professor of English

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Massachusetts Hall - 303

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ENGL 2605 / AFRS 2605. The Harlem Renaissance

Elizabeth Muther
Focuses on the African American literary and cultural call-to-arms of the 1920s. Modernist resistance languages; alliances and betrayals on the left; gender, sexuality, and cultural images; activism and literary journalism; and music and visual culture are of special interest.

ENGL 1070. The Art of Rhetoric and Composition

Elizabeth Muther
Intended for confident writers who want to ensure that they leave college speaking and writing not just proficiently, but also magnificently and irresistibly. Learn the challenging art of rhetoric from the best, beginning with classics and moving to the current period: authors may include Philip Sydney, Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, George Orwell, Jessica Mitford, and David Foster Wallace. Writing intensive. This course may be counted toward the major and minor in English.

Elizabeth Muther


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1989

Teaching Areas

American and African American literature and culture; African American women's literature; the Harlem Renaissance; African American film and literature; contemporary ethnic American literature.

African American modernism; the Harlem Renaissance; twentieth-century African American poetry; contemporary fiction about slavery (neo-slave narratives); African American women's literature.