Web Tools: Video for the Web

Whether you're looking to share a video on the web/via email, stream an event, or host a live web chat, Bowdoin offers a variety of tools and resources to meet your needs. 

Streaming video

Streaming video allows viewers to begin viewing video on the web immediately without first downloading the entire file. The video may need a few seconds to buffer or load before it will begin to stream or play in real time. 

Options for embedding a Bowdoin video on a web page or sending a link via email:

  • Ensemble - Ensemble is Bowdoin’s new video content management system. Ensemble provides a way for faculty, staff, academic departments, and offices to upload college-related video files to the Web and share them easily via an email link or within CMS web pages. To learn more an get an Ensemble account, contact Juli Haugen or submit a Help Request and someone from Digital and Social Media will get in touch with you.
  • Vimeo/YouTube - Bowdoin has both a YouTube and Vimeo account that may be used for sharing video of campus events and activities. Videos posted may be shared with a link via email or embedded on a web page. If you have a Bowdoin video you'd like to post, please submit a help request to Digital and Social Media.

Note: Please do not create new or separate Bowdoin YouTube or Vimeo accounts for your department or program. Contact Digital and Social Media for help or more information.

Live video 

Bowdoin offers several options for streaming live video.

  • Livestream (Contact Audio Visual)
  • ReadyCam Studio (VideoLink) - Bowdoin maintains a ReadyCam on-site studio capable of transmitting broadcast quality HD video over the Internet to any news media organization around the world. It can also be used to stream webcasts and record video for the web and internal communications. Contact Scott Hood in the Office of Communications for more information. 
  • Google Hangouts on Air - Hold a Hangout and invite as many people as you want to watch and join the conversation. Hangouts are streamed live and automatically recorded and saved on YouTube. Contact Digital and Social Media for help or more information.