Inserting Images & Image Guidelines

Naming image files 

  • Name all images meaningfully. Do use image names such as george-washington.jpg. (Do not use filenames such as IMG_0065.jpg. 
  • Do NOT use spaces in filenames. DO use hyphens. 
  • Do NOT use capital letters. DO use all lower-case letters.

Image sizes

  • The post's main image should typically be featured at the top of the story, right-aligned, and approximately 256 px wide (this is Communications' decided upon standard). 
  • All images should be 72 dpi. Images that are higher resolution will cause the page to be slow to load.
  • Images used in slideshows/image galleries should be no larger than 550px high -- regardless of whether it's a horizontal or vertical photo. This ensures the photos can be seen on most laptops, and then can also be closed, when someone is done viewing the slideshow. Read more about image galleries and creating them.

Inserting images:

  • To insert an image click the Add Media button above the body of the post
  • Click on the Upload tab to upload a new image or choose an image from the media gallery.
  • When inserting an image into a post, choose the setting Link To: None (bottom right of the media page). This will ensure the image isn't clickable, resulting in another page opening which just contains the image.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the setting Custom URL and insert the website you want clicking on the photo to go to.

Image data

Provide the following information for every image: 

  • Alt Text - this text appears if the image isn't available
  • Title - this text appears when you put your mouse cursor over the image
  • Caption - provide image captions whenever possible, but always when they are the main image in the post

Feature images

  • Feature images are REQUIRED.
  • Feature images must be HORIZONTAL.
  • Feature images should be no smaller than 350x233 -- or a larger, comparable aspect ratio, such as 600x400. As stated above, images should be 72 dpi and no more.
  • Feature images are what appear as thumbnail images and in the banner on sites such as and other sites such as the McKeen Center home page.

Image galleries