Creating image galleries (aka slideshows)

Choosing images

  • Choose images that best represent the story. Do not use a lot of photos of the same scene or people simply because you have them. (Yes, it's difficult to choose!) 
  • Typically no more than 8-10 photos should be necessary for an image gallery

Image sizes

  • Images for the gallery should be no more than 550 px high -- regardless of whether they are horizontal or vertical.
  • All images should be 72 dpi.

How to insert an image gallery

  1. Click the Add Media button above the body of the post
  2. Upload new images or choose images that are already in the Media Library (hold down the shift key to select multiple images).
  3. In the bottom right column of the Media Library screen, choose Alignment: None and Link To: Media File.
  4. Then, in the upper left, click the link "Create Gallery." A blue button will appear in the bottom right of the screen "Create a new gallery" -- click that button.
  5. In the screen that appears: 1) Add photo captions if you haven't already; 2) Rearrange the order of the photos, if you wish, by clicking and dragging; 3) Make sure on the right side that Link To: Media File; 4) Choose the number of columns that you want to appear (3 works well for this layout), and 5) Click "Insert gallery" in the bottom right corner.
  6. At this point you'll see the image gallery has been inserted (though you won't see the images yet).
  7. Click on the "Text" view of your post, and add this to the gallery callout: link="file"  It will look something like this: [gallery ids="75823,75834,75830,75826" link="file"] The image gallery feature will NOT work unless you do this step.