Web Tools: Online Forms

Two types of forms are available for collecting and submitting data via the web. The tool you choose will depend, in part, on the type of data you're collecting.

Basic feedback

If you need a well-formatted form than can be embedded in your website, and the information you're collecting isn't sensitive in nature (such as birthdate, ethnicity, or other personal information), we can easily create an online form based on your specification. Features include:

  • text, date, email fields, comment boxes, and more
  • multiple choice (dropdowns or radio buttons)
  • upload files
  • logic and branching
  • embed into a web page
  • email results and/or download to a csv file (Excel)

Examples include: Bowdoin Dining Comment Card 

Surveys and sensitive data

If you'll be conducting a survey, need advanced form logic, or will be collecting sensitive information (birthdate, ethnicity, or other personal information), Qualtrics is Bowdoin's approved form tool. Qualtrics offers the same features as above, but with fewer formatting options to make the form look nice in a web page.

Note: If you'll be collecting sensitive information with your form, do NOT have form submissions emailed to you. When you are ready to download submissions from Qualtrics, do so on a secure server - not your own desktop. For additional information, contact IT Security Officer Steve Blanc (sblanc@bowdoin.edu).