Web Tools: Events Page & Upcoming Events Widget

The Bowdoin calendar is a compilation of events submitted by academic departments, programs and offices. Keep your website current with a list of upcoming events automatically pulled from calendar. This list can be just those from your department — or add additional college events that your audience may be interested in, too. Submit a help request to the Digital and Social Media team to add an events page or upcoming events widget listing to your website.

More information:

Upcoming events widget - Displays on a department home page. As events pass they automatically get removed.

upcoming events widget.

Events page - Displays events from the college calendar tagged using the promotion tool to appear on a department page. The events page contains filters showing upcoming events, events for the whole calendar year and then all past events.

events tab on academics page

Featured events

homepage slider with events

  • Featured events appear on Bowdoin's home page.
  • To be featured, an event must contain complete information, including a summary and a vertical photo. Request your event be featured by recommending it to "featured" in the Promotion tool.