Our Role

Digital & Social Media (DSM) was created in 2014 and functions as an independent consulting and service group at Bowdoin. Reporting to the CIO, we work with departments and programs college-wide to facilitate the integration and adoption of digital media and technology to achieve a more connected, engaged, and informed Bowdoin community.

In broad terms, our mission is to strengthen and expand connections to Bowdoin through digital media (websites, social media, online applications, mobile technologies) to foster engagement, advance the Bowdoin brand, and provide online experiences that contribute to increased levels of giving, volunteerism, quality applicants, and community support. 

At an operational level, we build systems and processes to facilitate the consistent and effective delivery of College content and data through a seamless, modern digital communication system. Access to Bowdoin content, such as news, events, announcements, information, etc., should be available wherever, whenever, or however people choose to consume it (web, mobile, apps, social, etc.).

At a strategic level, we work closely with college departments and programs to provide new opportunities to meet their content delivery needs and goals. By understanding our clients and their business processes and challenges, we can provide appropriate tools, training, support, and strategy to help them meet their goals and communicate effectively through digital and social media.

Bridging the digital gap

Another way to understand Digital and Social Media's role is that we help bridge the gap that exists between the technology and the people who need to use it to communicate effectively with Bowdoin's audiences in a digital world.

Areas of oversight and responsibility

  • Training, education, integration of digital tools and processes
    Examples: CMS, college calendar and promotion tool, news engine, digital marketing, mobile event app, email marketing tools, digital best practices.
  • Custom programming, development of tools for digital data distribution 
    Examples: college calendar, news engine, profiles engine, promotion and announcements tools, web templates, AGWeb, contact reports, more.
  • Social media 
    Strategy, execution, measurement, analysis, and social listening for primary accounts. Oversight, training, and best practices for campus accounts. Manage student team. 
  • Digital marketing
    Education, training, development, and execution of digital marketing plans for campus events and initiatives (Orientation, BowdoinOne Day, Reunion, Inauguration, etc.)
  • Digital analytics reporting and analysis
    Implementation and management of Google Analytics, measurement, reporting, analysis for sites, projects, marketing campaigns. 
  • Consultation, programming, and support for distribution of digital data from third party products
    Examples: Embark, NetCommunity, EMS, WordPress, Guidebook, social graph, and more.
  • Digital governance and guidelines (web, social, email, mobile)
    Editorial, design, accessibility, SEO, best practices
  • Website maintenance and development
    Develop new sites and assist with maintenance of current sites within CMS. Transition to mobile responsive web templates. Faculty page development and support.
  • Research, training, implementation, and support for new digital communication tools for campus 
    Examples: Virtual campus tours (YouVisit), mobile event app (Guidebook) for Reunion, Commencement, Homecoming, Orientation, Family Weekend, etc. 
  • CMS and web infrastructure
    Content Management Systems (Hannon Hill, WordPress). Web servers and infrastructure (liaison/IT supported). Search tools
  • General support and service work
    Web, email, video, mobile, design, marketing, and other digital media support requests from across campus