Campus Event Marketing Guide

College Calendar

The College Calendar is the official source for campus events and is far reaching. Follow these steps for maximum exposure: 

  1. Submit your event to the calendar via the Campus Scheduler.
  2. Once on the calendar, Use the promotion tool to:
    • Add a descriptive title, poster or image, description, and summary.
    • Recommend your event to show on other department calendars.
    • Display the event on the home page event ribbon (Happening on Campus).  Check the "Featured" checkbox under the recommend button.
    • Academic departments - check with your department coordinator about promoting your event using the promotion tool.
home page events
Featured Events

Calendar events are seen:

  • On the Bowdoin home page.
  • On department web pages when "pinned" or "tagged" using the promotion tool
  • Faculty-staff and student digest under the "Today at Bowdoin" section.
  • Bowdoin Guide (mobile app)
  • On the digital event screen in Smith Union and at IT Student Services
  • May be shared through Bowdoin's social media platforms.
Online Calendar

Posters / Print

  • Posters may be requested through the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.
  • Download a digital version of your poster. Upload the poster to your event using the promotion tool. 
  • Create table tents for the dining halls. Contact the dining unit manager for each location for permission and scheduling.
  • Add the “streamed live” icon and web address ( to the poster and social media #hashtag, if appropriate.
  • If you made your own poster follow the above suggestions and be sure to upload the poster to your calendar event using the promotion tool.

Additional Promotion (News)

  • Suggest an article in Bowdoin News or Bowdoin Daily Sun - Contact Doug Cook in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. The story should provide links to the event in the calendar, indicate if it’ll be streamed live, and include the hashtag, if appropriate.
  • Write your own news story for your department web site. Contact Juli Haugen for help or to locate the person in your department who can do this.
  • Reach out to Doug Cook for additional ways to promote the event through the news media. (Portland Press Herald, local TV channels).
  • Submit an ad to The Bowdoin Orient or ask if a story can be written about your event.
News banner
News banner on academic department page

Live Streamed Events live stream logo

Will this event be broadcast live? If yes:

  • Recommend it to the LIVE calendar where it will appear on the live website (do this through the promotion tool)
  • Add the live icon to the event image
  • Add a sentence in the description noting that the event will be streamed live and can be viewed at
  • Include the live icon on the printed poster with the location to view it (
  • Questions about holding a live event? Contact Tony Sprague in the Office of Events and Summer Programs.

Social Media

  • Contact Chelsea Doyle in Digital and Social Media about promoting the event on Bowdoin’s social media channels.
  • If the event is on the College calendar it can easily be shared linking right to the event. 
  • If the event will be streamed live, this is important to know so additional promotion can happen near to event date/time.
  • Does the event have a #hashtag? Is this something people will be or should be talking about on social media?
  • Should this event be live tweeted (commenting and interacting via twitter while the event is taking place)?
  • Check the Social Media Directory to connect with other Bowdoin groups using Social Media.

Bowdoin Guide (mobile app) Bowdoin Guide

  • Contact Juli Haugen about the possibility of adding a special banner in the Bowdoin app to promote the event.
  • If the event is on the College calendar the event will show in the guide under "Today on Campus."
  • Download the Bowdoin App and then download the guide.

Event Cancellation/Reschedules

  • If an event is cancelled or postponed M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., notify the Campus Scheduler at x3421 or It is your responsibility to cancel A/V and/or Dining Services. If it's cancelled on the weekend or in the evening, you must contact each department involved -- Facilities at x3445, A/V at 837-2818 or 837-2945, MU at x3735, Thorne at x3430, and Security at x3314. (This information is also in your reservation confirmation)
  • Update your event title on the calendar using the promotion tool to say "Event Cancelled" or "Event Rescheduled" This will update any calendar your event is showing on (can take a few minutes for the change to appear).
  • Contact the Campus Scheduler to add the rescheduled date on the calendar.
  • If you use the announcement tool, create an announcement for your department page.
  • Email Doug Cook in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to announce the cancellation on the Bowdoin home page, if necessary.