Location: Bowdoin / Craft Center / Fall Classes 2013

Craft Center Fall Classes 2013



Sewing 101

Offering two times to accommodate your schedule

Monday, September 23rd

6:00-7:00PM & 7:00-8:00PM

This class will teach you the basics of the sewing machine along with a few simple sewing techniques.  Class size limit is FIVE each session

Back by popular demand....      

Meet the Bees with Bee Keeper Rose Nelson             

Tuesday, September 24th                                


Have you ever been intrigued by honeybees and wanted to know more? This is the class for you. I will introduce you to the art of beekeeping and share my experiences and knowledge about my favorite pollinator, including explanations of beekeeping equipment, and an example of what a hive actually looks like. If all goes well (and the bees make honey), there will be a honey extracting demo!

Fused Glass Irresistible Necklace

Offering two times to accommodate your schedule

Wednesday, September 25th

6:00-7:00PM & 7:00-8:00PM 

Using bits of colored glass, students will make beautiful cabochons to add to your necklace

Abstract Art Pillows

Tuesday, October 8th


Reserve applique is used to make these abstract pillows.  They will add a splash of color to any room.  Class size limit is FIVE

Beaded Bling Bangle

Thursday, October 10th


Memory wire will be used to wrap around the wrist adorned with pearls, glass beads and more!

Miniature Memory Pendants

Monday, October 16th


Create small memory frames to wear or hang.  These memory frames are made with glass and bits of paper.  Feel free to bring small photographs, pieces of paper or stamps to incorporate into your memory frame. 

Wednesday, October 23rd


Mosaic Art Mirrors

Wednesday, October 23rd


By using Bits and pieces of glass you can create, a one of a kind, beautiful functional wall art mirror

Class size is limited to 8

Tie Dye Mania

Thursday, October 24th           3 Time Slots to accommodate your schedule




Please include T-shirt size and the time slot you are coming.   You may also bring two small articles to tie-dye

Fun for all




Halloween Masks

Wednesday, October 30th


Halloween goodies and mask making party DROP IN CLASS

Get ready to be goulash!  Come make fanciful fun masks for Halloween

Hand Building with Clay

Monday, November 4th


Not comfortable throwing on the wheel?  Then this is the class for you.  Build lovely bowls by using one of two methods being taught in this class

Stitched Bookbinding Techniques for miniature books

Monday, November 4th


Simple Bookbinding stitches will be used to create small, unique books for poetry, drawing or addresses

Pajama pants

Monday, November 18th

6:30PM-until done (average time 3 hours)

Make a lovely pajama bottom to wear to bed or just to hang out in

Nuno Felting

Tuesday, November 19th


Learn this fun felting technique to make a, One of a kind, beautiful wool scarf.

Class size limit 6

Elephant Necklace with Silverware

Wednesday, November 20th


We’ll use old silverware to make adorable elephant necklaces using all sorts of jewelry tools

Tuesday, December 10th, Holiday Workshop


Make Fabric Ornaments, Dazzling ribbon ornaments, Dry Point Printed cards and Holiday snacks

Be ready for the holidays with gifts and cards.  We’ll be using the printing press to create beautiful holiday cards.  You will enjoy the class while snacking on holiday goodies.