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Traveler Safety, Accidents & Insurance


Domestic Automobile Insurance Coverage

For domestic, business car rentals, the College’s insurance will cover the individual as well as the vehicle when the vehicle is rented from Enterprise Car Rental (in Brunswick only) or when the rental is charged to the College JPMorganChase corporate card. Therefore, employees should not sign (or initial) for additional insurance coverage provided by car rental companies under these circumstances. For any other kind of car rental (different company, different credit card, international, personal etc.), the traveler should accept the insurance for the car and liability. Travelers who do not have a College or personal credit card should contact the Procurement and Risk Manager for assistance.

Employees extending their travel for personal reasons will need to acquire separate insurance coverage for the personal segment of their trip. The College will not reimburse for this additional insurance. Spouses or friends traveling with a Bowdoin employee will not be covered by the College’s insurance and should acquire separate insurance coverage.

College owned/leased departmental vehicles or rental vehicles are insured for auto liability (bodily injury and property damage), comprehensive, and collision coverage as appropriate. In case of damage to a College owned/leased or rental vehicle, it is the responsibility of the department to fund the cost of the deductibles: $1000.00 per claim for comprehensive and $1000.00 for collision.

International Automobile Insurance Coverage

The JPMorganChase Corporate Card is provided by VISA. When the corporate card is used for business related travel and vehicle rentals in foreign countries, VISA’s accident insurance will cover the vehicle up to the full value of the vehicle. There is no deductible. VISA’s insurance provides primary collision insurance coverage on vehicles rented for college purposes but does not provide liability coverage. The cardholder must be listed as the primary driver. All other College approved drivers who will be driving the vehicle must be listed as well. When traveling anywhere outside the contiguous 48 states, the traveler must purchase additional liability insurance coverage. VISA does not insure in Ireland, Israel or Jamaica. VISA does not insure trucks, cargo vans, vans registered to carry 9 or more passengers or SUVs if driven on anything other than maintained roads. If you require additional assistance, contact the Procurement and Risk Manager at 207-725-3115.

For leisure travel vehicle rentals in foreign countries VISA’s insurance is secondary. VISA does not provide liability coverage for leisure rentals.

For further information travelers can call 1-800-8472 (VISA) 911 or visit their web site VISA must also be notified within 20 days of the accident.

Approved Driver Policy

Only properly authorized employees and students may operate College owned, leased or rented vehicles for official College business. All drivers must meet the eligibility requirements of the Bowdoin College Motor Vehicle Policy.

Automobile Accidents

If at any time a traveler is involved in a motor vehicle accident in a College vehicle (owned, leased, or rented by the College), proper notification is essential. After addressing any medical issues, contact the local police at the time of the accident for investigation. Immediately contact Bowdoin College Security (207-725-3314).

Accident Procedures

An accident involving a Bowdoin College motor vehicle, regardless of severity, location, or fault, must be reported immediately to the law enforcement authority within the jurisdiction where the accident occurred and to the Security Communications Center at 207-725-3314 (24 hours). Fleet vehicles contain an Emergency kit with the following: reflective triangles, accident procedures, blank accident report, first aid kit, and a copy of the Bowdoin College Motor Vehicle Use Policy.

For all accidents:

  • Stop and secure your vehicle.
  • Set out warning devices (triangles) properly.
  • Immediately contact the local police to advise them of the accident and to get medical assistance if there are any injuries. [NOTE: In the State of Maine, if an accident involves death or personal injury or more than $1000.00 damage to a car or property, it is the responsibility of the driver to report the accident immediately to the local police.]

Once any medical needs are taken care of it is important to make sure you get the other driver’s information. At a minimum, write down (use the Bowdoin College Accident Report in the Emergency Kit of the fleet vehicle; you may pick up a Bowdoin College Accident Report from the Communications Center or the Fleet Scheduler when you return to campus in the event you have an accident with a Rental vehicle):

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number and state
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Insurance Company and policy number, if known
  • License plate number
  • Make, model and year of vehicle
  • Damage to vehicle
  • Injury to driver, if any
  • Date, time, road and weather conditions
  • Names and phone numbers of any passengers
  • Injuries to any passengers
  • Names and phone numbers of any witnesses

If local police respond to the accident, request the investigating officer’s name, badge number, phone number, and report number

You must also give the other driver your information and the vehicles information, including insurance coverage. Insurance information is located in the Emergency Kit of all fleet vehicles. The College’s insurer is Acadia Insurance Company.

When renting a vehicle for College business, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rental company’s accident reporting procedures. The accident procedures are often printed on the rental agreement. If you are involved in an accident with a rental vehicle, please adhere to the agency’s reporting requirements. You should provide the name of the College’s insurance company, Acadia Insurance Company, and instruct the owner of the other vehicle to contact the Procurement and Risk Manager 207-725-3115 for additional information.

Cooperate with the police and other authorities but do not admit fault or give written statements. If the local police will not file a report (because damage is minimal and there are no injuries), ask them to make a note that the driver called in the accident. As soon as practical, notify the Communications Center at 207-725-3314.

If a fleet vehicle is damaged and cannot be driven and the Communications Center authorizes it, have the vehicle towed by calling the toll-free number on the Enterprise Full Maintenance or AAA card that is located in the wallet received with the keys. If a rental vehicle is damaged, follow the procedures outlined on the rental agreement and/or posted inside the vehicle. In addition, contact the Communications Center at 207-725-3314 to report the accident. Unless approved by the Communications Center, in consultation with the Motor Pool, any damaged fleet or rental vehicle must be returned to campus or the rental location immediately following an accident.

For any accident involving a fleet or rental vehicle, drivers must complete a Bowdoin College Accident Report by the end of the day and submit it to the Communications Center or the Fleet Scheduler. [NOTE: In the State of Maine, if an accident involves death or personal injury or more than $1000.00 damage to a car or property, it is the responsibility of the driver to report the accident immediately to the local police.] Blank reports may be picked up from the Communications Center or Fleet Scheduler. The Communications Center or the Fleet Scheduler will notify the College’s Procurement and Risk Manager.