Controller's Office


We wanted to advise you about some important policy changes at Bowdoin College that affect all employees:


Currently all regular College employees are paid via direct deposit. Even though your money is automatically deposited into your account(s) on time, you still receive a paper pay stub/earnings statement on payday indicating wage and tax information as well as the total amount of your direct deposit.

In an effort to conserve paper, postage, time, and labor, the College will no longer provide paper earnings statements to non-student employees as of July 2009. The wage and tax information on your blue and white pay stub may be accessed from any computer via our online employee self-service program, HRforYOU (see instructions below). In addition many banking institutions provide online access to direct deposit information.


Most of you have used HRforYOU at least once or twice to enroll in benefits or update your emergency contact information and HRforYOU will be the best way for you to “see” your pay stub on payday. When you use your personalized username and password to log into this program from any computer with an internet connection, you may also:

  • Change your address and telephone information
  • Change your federal W-4 withholding allowances
  • Access and print your annual W-2 Statement
  • Change your direct deposit information

Username and Password: For most employees, your HRforYOU username is your first initial, followed by your middle initial (if you have one), followed by your FULL last name (with no spaces). For a password reminder, type in your username first and then click on “Need Password Reminder?” The reminder phrase you selected for yourself will be displayed below the Bowdoin logo. If the reminder phrase doesn’t jog your memory, don’t hesitate to call x 7070 (or 798-7070 from off campus) for assistance.

To access your pay stub:

  • Log into HRforYOU.
  • On the HRforYOU home page, under the heading PAYROLL & TAX INFORMATION, click on the third option, EARNINGS STATEMENTS. Click on the check number corresponding to the pay date you wish to review.
  • Your paycheck stub (Earnings Statement Detail) will be displayed. It looks just like the blue and white paper copy you have been receiving on payday. Your TOTAL CURRENT NET PAY is displayed in the lower right corner.
  • If you need to print a copy, click on the blue button PRINTABLE COPY on the bottom left of the screen.
  • To exit the EARNINGS STATEMENTS page, click on HOME (under the Bowdoin logo) in the upper left corner of your display. To exit HRforYOU, click on LOGOUT under the Bowdoin logo.

If you have questions or comments about this change, please do not hesitate to contact Cindy Bessmer, Manager of HR Services (x3911 or, the HRforYOU Assistance Line (x7070 or 798-7070 from off campus) or me (x3843 or