Typical travel costs eligible for reimbursement under a grant include round trip coach airfare, ground transportation, meals, rentals and lodging.

Travelers must submit original receipts for all expenditures over $50. If receipts are difficult to obtain, the traveler should keep a daily record, noting the date, place, amount and nature of each expense.

Please refer to the College's Expense Reimbursement Policy and the grant agreement for guidance.

Federal Grants

Federal regulations impose stricter standards regarding the allowability of certain costs. Please adhere to the following when charging travel costs:

Air Travel

U.S. carriers should be used for all domestic air travel. Air travel to a foreign country must be on a U.S. carrier if it is available. Please contact the Grants Administrator if you are contemplating travel on a foreign carrier and expect to be reimbursed from a federal grant.


Costs of entertainment including amusement, diversion and social activities and any costs directly associated with such costs (such as tickets to shows or sports events, meals, lodging, rentals, transportation and gratuities) are not allowed on federal grants.


Reimbursement for alcoholic beverages is not allowed on federal grants.