Controller's Office


Marc Berry, Senior Financial Analyst
(207) 725-3029
Financial Edge and financial reporting tool 

Nancy Osher Blumberg, Financial Analyst
(207) 725-3426
Stock gifts 

Nancy Donsbach, Financial Analyst
(207) 798-7056 

Diane M. Fournier, Accounts Receivable Representative/Cashier
(207) 725-3249
Student accounts and deposits/cash handling 

Christen King, Staff Accountant
(207) 798-4152
Restricted funds/agency funds 

Nancy LaPrad, Disbursements Specialist 
(207) 725-3681
Student payroll and vendor maintenance (W-9s) 

Murray R. Litchfield, Senior Accounts Payable Representative
(207) 725-3788
Invoice processing 

Joanna Long, Accounts Payable Representative
(207) 725-3470
Invoice processing 

Rich Lord, Assistant Controller 
(207) 725-3394
Investment accounting and 990 reporting 

Michelle A. McDonough, Bursar
(207) 725-3267
Student accounts and accounts receivable 

Glenn Morin, Senior Financial Analyst
(207) 725-3251
Foreign/domestic wire transfers and sales tax 

Kerri Morthland, Grants Administrator
(207) 798-4279

Matthew Orlando, Vice President for Finance & Assistant Treasurer
(207) 725-3804
Internal and external financial reporting 

Lisa A. Roux, Controller
(207) 725-3960
Internal and external financial reporting 

Robin Saindon, Payroll Specialist 
(207) 725-3584
Staff payroll, TimePro administration and credit cards 

Lynne Toussaint, Accounts Payable and Payroll Manager
(207) 725-3843
International/nonresident tax reporting and administrative/faculty payroll 

Carol Trottier, Administrative Assistant II & Student Loan Representative 
(207) 725-3851 
General department inquiries and student loan repayment 

Julia White, Financial Analyst
(207) 725-3246
Endowment/restricted gift funds