Payments to Students

We use the term "stipend" for non-payroll payments to students. Students may receive stipends for a variety of reasons. It is important to understand that stipends are not wages, however, they may be taxable. Examples of stipends include:

  • A one-time award or prize to honor a student's achievement;
  • Payment for an ongoing co-curricular activity that in some ways resembles a regular job, but that is as significant to the student's educational experience as it is to the operations of the College. Examples: College house system proctors and residential assistants, Orient and Bugle staff members, Writing Project tutors;
  • Funds are awarded to conduct a project for a student's personal educational benefit (often called a fellowship). The student may be mentored by a member of the faculty or staff, and may pursue the project on campus, but the payment is not for services rendered to the College;
  • Funds are awarded for career exploration purposes. The student may coincidentally be providing a service to an outside organization, but the funding is paid to the student;
  • A service is performed by a student that is comparable to that of an independent contractor hired by the College. Examples: entertainers hired to perform at an event, authors hired to write a specific article for the Bowdoin magazine.

Fellowship/Scholarship Direct Deposit Authorization Form (For students who are not on payroll)


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Hourly or Stipend Pay