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A reminder to please submit all outstanding credit card expenses in Certify by January 12th.  Effective January 2018, employee reimbursements and Bowdoin credit card purchases will transtion from Certify to Workday Expenses.  Please reference the dates provided below regarding the transition.

1/1/18:  First date credit card expenses will import into Workday Expenses instead of Certify

1/12/18:  Submit all credit card expenses through 12/31 in Certify

1/15/18:  Access to Certify ends at 5:00 p.m.  Controller's Office will maintain access to report data which will be available by request.  For a history of your reports you may also run the Expense Detail Review Report from the Certify Analytics tab

1/16/18:  Access to Workday Expenses begins for all employees (student workers excluded) via a new Expenses Worklet available when you log into Workday

1/17/18: Training and resources will be available for Workday Expenses

For additional questions and support, please reference the instructions and FAQ's below or contact:

Instructions & Resources:

Additional information is available under the Support section of your Certify account once you have logged into the system.

For additional training sign up for one of Certify's training camp classes: https://www.certify.com/training.aspx

Travel planning at Bowdoin

I have a credit card receipt in my Certify wallet, but I don’t see the corresponding credit card charge in my Certify expense folder. Should I create an expense manually and attach the receipt?

No, all charges on a Bowdoin College Visa or American Express card will be automatically uploaded to your Certify wallet. There can be a 2 - 5 day lag between the date of the transaction and the date the import to the Certify wallet occurs. If you do not see the charge come through after 5 days, please contact the Controller's Office.

Do I need to enter a business purpose for each expense item?

If all of the expenses included in an expense report are related to the same business trip or event, then simply describing the trip or event in the Report Name will suffice, e.g. "Recruiting Trip to Seattle WA". However, if an expense report is comprised of multiple unrelated trips or miscellaneous purchases that do not fit neatly under a single report description, then the Reason box for each expense line item should be filled in with a brief description of the charge (e.g., lunch meeting with John Doe class of '77).

Note: Bowdoin Visa and American Express imported charges automatically populate expense details in the Reason box. This generic information is typically not a sufficient business purpose explanation. If these charges are include in a miscellaneous, non-trip specific expense report, the user should delete the pre-filled Reason box with the appropriate business purpose explanation.

If I inadvertently charged a personal expense on the Bowdoin Visa card, how do I code it in Certify?

All Bowdoin Visa and American Express card transactions are automatically loaded into a cardholder's expense wallet in Certify. In the expense report example below, the cardholder purchased three meals on a business trip using his Bowdoin Visa card. Let's assume that a personal charge of $11.00 was included in the 6/4/2013 bill for $30.67.

Certify FAQ image

To account for the $11.00 personal charge, you must manually add an expense item to your report.

Certify FAQ image

After clicking on Save Expense, the report will now include the personal charge. The Total Non-Reimbursable balance is unchanged, but the Reimbursable amount is now $-11.00, i.e., the cardholder owes the College $11.00. After clicking on Submit for Approval, print a copy of the expense report, attach a check made payable to Bowdoin College for $11.00 and send the report with check to Robin Saindon in the Controller’s Office via inter-office mail.

Certify FAQ image

Now let’s take the same example, but add another expense for mileage reimbursement; a 404 mile roundtrip drive at 0.55 cents per mile.

Certify FAQ image

After adding the mileage reimbursement expense, the Total Reimbursable amount is now $217.26. In cases like this, there is no need for the cardholder to write a check to the College for $11.00, as the personal charge was automatically netted out of the total. The cardholder will be reimbursed through Accounts Payable for the $217.26 via automatic payment.

How do I account for a Cash Advance received from the Controller’s Office?

If your Bowdoin visa is not set up for ATM withdrawals, you may request a cash advance from the Controller's Office. Follow the steps listed on the Certify Travel Advance form. Upon receipt of the completed form, the Controller's Office will issue payment to you via direct deposit and create an expense report in your Certify account that will include an expense item to clear the advance (a credit to 1-6050). This report will be available in the Drafts folder under My Expense Reports. Upon return from the trip, open the Draft expense report, add expense items for each purchase to the report as reimbursable, scan all receipts purchased with the advanced cash into their receipt wallet, and then link those receipts with expense items as needed.

If the Total Reimbursable is a negative (i.e, the advance was greater than the total of expenses), you owe money to the College. After clicking on Submit for Approval, print a copy of the expense report, attach a check made Payable to Bowdoin College for the amount owed and send the check with the report to the Controller's Office via inter-office mail.

If the Total Reimbursable amount of the report is a positive amount (i.e., the expenses were greater than the advance), the College will reimburse you for this difference after your supervisor has approved the report in Certify.

What do I do with my JP Morgan Visa statement?

When you receive your JP Morgan Visa statement you can file it at your office or destroy it via confidential destruction. You no longer need to wait for your statement to reconcile your expenses. We ask that you submit at least one expense report for each month by the month end closing deadline (i.e. expenses for 1/1/14-1/31/14 would be submitted by 2/7/14).

Do I still need to complete a conference travel form if I have a Certify account?

No, you would create an expense report within Certify for the reimbursement.  The department number for faculty conference travel is 220040.

Do I need a receipt for expenses under $50?

The Controller's Office does not require receipts for expenses under $50 but your Manager may like to review them prior to approving your expense report. We encourage you to seek their preference and you may add them if this is your own preference as well.

What are department and category codes?

Certify uses slightly different terminology for the accounting codes. A department code is the same as a project code and a category code is the same as an account code.

Your expenses will default to certain codes but you can always change them by using the drop down menu.

How do I assign a delegate user to my account for assisting me with my reports?

Generally when your account is setup, we will assign the appropriate delegate user for you. You can add a delegate user by selecting Manage Delegate Users from the drop down menu in the location where your name is displayed once you have logged in.

What do I do if I do not have a receipt?

Receipts are required for expenses of $50.00 or greater. If you misplaced your receipt please indicate this within the reason field for that particular expense item.

How long does it take to be reimbursed for out of pocket expense?

Once your report is approved by your supervisor, it is then processed by the Controller's Office. All Certify expense reports received by the Controller's Office by Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. will be included for payment within the Accounts Payable check run on that Thursday. Employee reimbursements are processed through Paymode via EFT (electronic funds transfer) into the same account as their paycheck. EFT funds are released through Paymode within a day or two of the check run (depending on bank processing) and employee will be notified via email by Joanna Long.