Journal Entry

A journal entry is used to record an accounting transaction in the general ledger. The Journal Entry template can be used for standard journal entries (one debit, one credit) or compound journal entries (more than one debit or credit). A project number and account code is required for each debit and credit transaction.

The journal entry template is used to enter and submit journal entries to the Controller's Office. The template is formatted to allow ten standard journal entries. For each journal entry, please include supporting documentation in the corresponding tab of the template. The template is not limited to ten entries. If you have more than ten entries, create new rows in the template. For each new journal entry line, please add an additional tab for the supporting documentation.

Email the completed journal entry template to:  Journal Entries Account – Controller’s Office

Click the link below to access the journal entry form.


To help us process your journal entries efficiently, please:

  • Make sure that total debits equal total credits
  • Enter a description (debit and credit description do not have to be the same)
  • Attach supporting documentation
  • Obtain an authorization for charges to projects (this should be someone who manages the department or budget, or someone who has access to that person - i.e. academic department coordinator, etc.) and include in the supporting documentation, or CC them on the email.

If you have any questions about journal entries, please contact Marc Berry (725-3029).