For Faculty

Services for Faculty

The Center for Learning and Teaching (the CLT) supports Bowdoin faculty by identifying relevant issues and current developments in teaching and learning. We do this by offering

  • individual meetings with program directors of the CLT. Knowledgeable in the field of teaching and learning in our areas of expertise, we are eager to support faculty efforts
  • opportunities to gather and share ideas in a variety of formats (informal coffees and lunches; workshops; speakers on specialty topics)
  • a collection of resources to bring relevant, up-to-date information on learning and teaching to you for inspiration, to present new ideas to consider in conversation, and introduce teaching techniques to put into action in the classroom.

Located in Kanbar Hall, the CLT is also home to the Kathryn M. Stein Memorial Library and conference room, open throughout the day while classes are in session. Drop by to read, research, or talk.

The CLT offers an array of expertise in teaching methods and resources across disciplines.

Writing Assignments
Drawing from scholarship and experience, Meredith McCarroll, Director of Writing and Rhetoric (X5056, can consult with faculty to craft effective writing assignments. Focus on learning goals, position of assignment in semester, structure of assignment, and expectations for assessment.

Writing in Courses
Faculty members wishing to have Writing Assistants read and respond to papers for all students in one of their courses contact the director of the Writing Project, Kathleen O'Connor (X3760,, a few weeks before registration for that semester. More>>

Incorporating Quantitative Reasoning
Faculty members are invited to set up a meeting to discuss ways to incorporate quantitative reasoning  into their classrooms and assignments. We can help with effective use of data and engaging students with activities that incorporate statistics. Please contact the Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Program, Eric Gaze, at (x3135).

Oral Communications
Faculty are invited to a direct and applied conversation about effective ways to implement oral communication into your classroom. We will discuss curricular questions around purpose and learning goals, assignment creation, assessment, and logistical issues around support and scheduling. Contact Meredith McCarroll, Director of Writing and Rhetoric (X5056,

Syllabus Consultations
Meredith McCarroll, Director of Writing and Rhetoric (X5056, can work with faculty across disciplines to insure that the syllabus is a functional, efficient, and effective contract that communicates clearly to students. Conversations can range from the pacing of the course, the weighting of particular assignments, and the overall tone of the course.

Classroom Visits
Faculty members may consult with CLT staff on classroom visitation.  We are happy to discuss ways in which we could visit your classroom and provide formative feedback aimed at meeting your pedagogical goals.  Please contact the Chair of the Center for Learning and Teaching, Eric Gaze, at (x3135).

Student Peer Services
Do you have a student you advise or in your class who could benefit from one-on-one peer tutoring or a study group? The CLT hires and trains over 150 students each year to help with writing, quantitative coursework, language study and time management and study skills. Contact Tammis Donovan, Administrative Coordinator, x3006 or for help in finding peer assistance for a student.