An Interview with Writer-in-Residence Anthony Walton

by Selby Frame


Bowdoin writer-in-residence Anthony Walton has written about and discussed American history and culture - most notably in his acclaimed book Mississippi: An American Journey - in many venues the last fifteen years, among them, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and on CNN.

Now, Walton is poised for the international stage with a radio documentary, "Southern Road, a searching ramble through the American Southeast," that aired on British Broadcast Corporation Radio (BBC) Sunday, November 6th.

Walton was approached by BBC producer Tony Phillips to create the 45-minute program as part of the BBC's ongoing examination of the American South. As it turned out, Walton and Phillips headed out together in a Toyota Highlander and "humped it up the road" just a week before Hurricane Katrina brought the South into worldwide media focus.

Bowdoin writer Selby Frame recently spoke with Walton about the project, which is Walton's first foray into radio. Read the interview at the Academic Spotlight section of Bowdoin's website: Full Interview