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Summer 2008

  • Taking a Break for Service: Bowdoin students travel to Harlem to help.
  • Getting Green with Bowdoin Alumni Much has been written about the College putting sustainability into every day practices, but there are huge numbers of alumni who do the same in their own work and home lives. Here's a sampling.
  • The Evolution of an Economist: Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics David Vail has described himself as "moving inexorably toward retirement" after a long career teaching and doing research at Bowdoin.
  • Team Building in the Woods: Follow Bowdoin's cheerleading squad into the woods for a weekend of reflection and team-building.
  • Web Exclusive: Full Interview with Rich Maggiotto '96, founder and CEO of Zinio.
  • Web Exclusive: Full Q&A with poet and essayist Thorpe Moeckel '93, including additional audio of the author reading poems from his new collection.
  • Web Exclusive: More of Music Professor Vineet Shende's "Three Longfellow Poems" composition.

March, 2008

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Winter 2008

  • The Diplomat's Craft: A talk with Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill '74.
  • First, There Was an Albatross: A history of Kent Island and how it came to be owned by Bowdoin.
  • Finding Euphoria: Meet Peter Lind '75, flavor guru at Ben & Jerry's.
  • A Commitment to Access: A talk with students and parents who will benefit from Bowdoin's new no-loan policy.
  • The Investigator: A talk with Senator George J. Mitchell '54 about his report into steroid use in Major League Baseball.
  • Web Exclusive: An interview with Rebecca Silva '11, who will take a leave of absence from Bowdoin next year to play for the Under 20 Chilean National Soccer Team.

November, 2007

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Fall 2007

  • Pictures at an Exhibition, The Reopening of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art: The Museum of Art celebrated its public reopening in October. Selby Frame gives us a look at the last stages of the project - the preparation of the exhibitions - as well as a glimpse of the first visitors.
  • Arrivals and Departures: In addition to discussing Professor of Art Mark Wethli's most recent project, Piper Cub, Ed Beem writes of the many forms Wethli's aesthetic vision has taken over the years.
  • Craftswoman, Farmer, Entrepreneur: Nanney Kennedy '82, a Bowdoin lacrosse player who earned her degree in the sociology of art, followed her own path from artisan to businesswoman and advocate for sustainability.
  • Web Exclusive: Take the Bowdoin Magazine Readers' Survey

August, 2007

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Summer 2007

  • Sounds of Music: Studzinski Recital Hall and Kanbar Auditorium are the newest additions to Bowdoin's reinvigorated arts facilities.
  • An Inspiring Life: Hanley Denning '92 inspired many to join her in support of the organization she founded to help children living in Guatemala's garbage dump. After her death in an automobile accident last January, her inspiration remains just as powerful. Mike Ritter '02 used his talents as a photographer to contribute to the cause.
  • Class of 2007 Sampler: Bowdoin's newest notable alumni reflect on their years at Bowdoin and think about what's next.

April, 2007

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Winter 2007

  • Edward Pols - A Continuing Education: Edward Pols taught at Bowdoin from 1949 to 1988. A Kenan Professor of the Humanities, he was known as a philosopher, not a poet. In this piece, Professor Franklin Burroughs introduces readers to Pols's poems and "how cogently, compactly, and beautifully they managed the difficult task of thinking in verse."
  • Interview: Cristle Collins Judd: Cristle Collins Judd arrived in Brunswick last summer to lead Bowdoin's academic program as dean for academic affairs. Scott Hood talks with her about her background, her priorities, and her adjustment to her new post.
  • Aim High Magic: There are parts of San Francisco where the tour guides won't go and the cable cars don't run, but there is magic there too - in the form of Aim High, a summer school program co-founded 20 years ago by Alec Lee Jr. '80. Find out why so many Bowdoin graduates find their way into Lee's network.

November, 2006

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Fall 2006

  • An Artist in Demand: Steve Hannock '74 might be the most accomplished and well-connected artist you've never heard of.
  • Making it Look Easy: For some outside of academia, the word "sabbatical" might seem synonymous with "time off."
  • The Crossroads of Education & Gaming: Tom Gibbons '90 was a project leader for Microsoft's X-Box 360.
  • The Adventure Begins: Photographs by Holger Thoss, Michael Woodruff '87, and Brian Wedge '97 illustrate the Pre-O experience for the Class of 2010, including a trip on a Maine schooner.
  • Web Exclusive: Listen to an interview of author Kelly Kerney '02 by Maine Public Broadcasting's Keith Shortall '82.

July, 2006

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Spring/Summer 2006

  • Bowdoin in a Changing Brunswick: As Brunswick faces a new and challenging set of obstacles, the connections between the town, its residents, and the College become increasingly vital.
  • An Education in the Common Good: Bowdoin students regularly expand upon their classroom learning by involving themselves in the local community, an integral part of pursuing the Common Good.
  • A Perfect Balance: A collection of photographs from assistant crew coach Hannah Dawes illuminates some of the team's inner workings, revealing what the athletes endure-and enjoy-when spectators aren't watching.
  • Branching Out: Having lived together their entire lives, twins Jazmin and Lizbeth Lopez '09 embraced the challenge of attending colleges on opposite sides of the country.
  • Reunion and Commencement 2006: Commencement photographs by Michele Stapleton and Hannah Dawes. Reunion photographs by Bob Handelman.

March, 2006

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Winter 2006

  • A Neuro Network: When a group of Bowdoin professors and students travelled to a national conference this fall, they put on display not only their research, but also their status in the field
  • The Invisible Greening of Bowdoin: New geothermal residence halls crown the College's commitment to sustainability
  • From Mattapan to the Top: Jerry Slavet '61 created a show that has turned the world of classical music upside down

October, 2005

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Fall 2005

  • Bowdoin’s 200th Commencement: Photograph coverage of a momentous day by Michele Stapleton, Hannah Dawes, and James Marshall
  • With a Little Help From His Friends: Brett Wickard ’90 founded Bull Moose Music while still studying chemistry and economics as an undergrad
  • The Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project: Over the past 20 years, more than 300 Bowdoin volunteers have participated in the pro bono legal aid program
  • An Interview with Writer-in-Residence Anthony Walton: Selby Frame talks with the acclaimed writer as he embarks on a new project, a radio documentary for the BBC

May, 2005

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Spring 2005

  • Avocation in Wood : Maine is home to some of the finest makers of wooden boats in the world, and several of the most well known are Bowdoin graduates.
  • Why the Arts Matter: What is it that makes art worth studying, worth funding, worth doing? Why does art matter?
  • Nailing the Art of Being an Artist: John Bisbee, adjunct lecturer in art at Bowdoin, is an acclaimed artist, a dynamic and inspirational teacher, and something of an eccentric guy.
  • Dinner with Six Strangers: As David Treadwell '65 learned, "Dinner with Six Strangers" can be not only a cauldron for forming new friendships, but also great a source of warmth on a snowy evening.

February, 2005

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Winter 2005

  • The View from the Crease: There's something different about goalies, some way of looking at the game, or even the world, that only they have.
  • Joining In the Dance: Professor of Dance June Vail has built one of the most inclusive, welcoming, and vibrant dance programs around.
  • Climate Change in the Arctic: Is Bowdoin's Mascot Heading for a Meltdown?

October, 2004

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Fall 2004

  • What Makes Laffey Run?: Concerned about the state of things when he returned to his hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island, Steve Laffey '84 decided to run for mayor.
  • Welcome to the Monkey House: Leslie Shaw, visiting assistant professor of sociology & anthropology, has been taking Bowdoin students to dig in the jungle of Belize since 1998.
  • Bob the Bowdoin Builder: Machinists like Bob Stevens aren't common at undergraduate institutions, and guys like Bob Stevens just aren't common anywhere.
  • Interview: Poet and scholar Willis Barnstone '48 discusses his remarkable literary career.

May, 2004

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Spring 2004

  • Perfection Remembered: For anyone who thought the final moments of the Women's basketball season was bittersweet, we reprint this article from
  • Have You Heard What They're Doing In Maine?: A look at Maine's controversial school laptop program, which got off the ground with the help of several Bowdoinites
  • Down By the Bay: Bowdoin researchers look for answers in Merrymeeting Bay
  • Making Masterpieces: Hollywood producer Kary Antholis '84

February, 2004

Bowdoin Magazine Cover Winter_2004.pdf

Winter 2004

  • A Conversation with Ken Chenault '73, Chairman and CEO of American Express
  • Hoop Dreams: The Women's Basketball Team Thinks Their Way to Winning
  • The Sultan of Swing: Doug Silton '00 Makes a Living with a Lindy Hop
  • Real Life Physics with Professor Dale Syphers

November, 2003

Bowdoin Magazine Cover Fall_03.pdf

Fall 2003

  • Take a "Journey of the Czars"
  • Learn about how "The Nose Knows"
  • Get in touch with your "Family Ties"

May, 2003

Bowdoin Magazine Cover Bowdoin_Spring_03.pdf

Spring 2003

  • A Bird in the Hand: Professor Nat Wheelwright's Kent Island Research
  • Frank Whittier: Two Sides of a Life
  • Blurring the Boundaries with DJ Spooky

February, 2003

Bowdoin Magazine Cover Whole_Winter_03_rev.pdf

Winter 2003

  • Take Your Best Shot: Nick Pierpan '95, Oxford scholar and boxing champ
  • Where "Credit" Is Due
  • Bowdoin College Land Grant

February, 2002

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Fall 2002

  • Building Bridges: Bowdoin's Coastal Studies Program
  • Tim's Gift
  • Old Time Arts
  • Interview: Sid Watson & Terry Meagher