BAS Minutes February 17, 2011

Members present: Tama Spoerri, Michele Gaillard, Delmar Small, Mike Roux, Sarah Morgan, Rodie Lloyd. Unable to attend: Allen Delong, Elmer Moore.

Speaker Series

We’ve revised our schedule, and rather than have three speakers in March, we’ll plan for:

  • Cooking  John Parker and another chef will join us in March, sometime over students’ spring break, in Daggett. Michele will work with John to set a date, possibly March 24th, being mindful of SSAC spring fling which is March 16. We’ll offer a soup(s) cooking demonstration and also offer salad, bread, and dessert. Price will be $5.95/person.

  • Facebook with Juli Haugan in June, and we’ll set her up in a computer lab, probably in the basement of the library. Sarah will continue to work with Tina on this. 

  • Landscaping  We’ve moved this to a mid summer walk with Tim and Phil Labbe. We could still do a Skillins drawing if we want. Mike will communicate with Tim.


Michele agreed to continue her fine work of publicizing each event as well as bowling.


Spring Social

We’ve reserved April 12th from 4:00 – 6:00 and Tama will work with Senior Staff to encourage folks to attend. There are 328 administrative staffers at Bowdoin. BAS will foot the bill which will be $10/person for 2 hours of unlimited bowling (or $12 for that plus pizza and soda). Elmer, Michele, and Rodie will continue to work out the details including, but not limited to: marketing, teams, awards, and food. We discussed using the Administrative staff list serve rather than the F/S digest for publication.


Tuition Benefit

Allen and the subcommittee – Jim Kelley, Elmer Moore, Emily Briley, and Tama Spoerri have made great progress on this and will present to the Benefits Advisory Committee in March and we’ll keep this to ourselves until/after that.


  • Delmar and Michele had a summit on next year’s leadership and Delmar has graciously agreed to be the next BAS Chair – thank you Delmar!!

  • Allen offered to head up general elections with Delmar as his able apprentice. For BAS we intend to follow a similar process to last year which includes nominated individuals to respond to the prompt “why do you want to be on BAS”.

  • We also will look at the other committees to which we elect/appoint representatives.