BAS Minutes December 16, 2010

Present: Michele Gaillard, Rodie Lloyd, Sarah Moore, Mike Roux, Delmar Small, Tama Spoerri
Absent: Allen Delong, Elmer Moore

Scholarship Benefit for Children of Employees update:  Allen is convening a small group to continue to work on the questions related to this benefit, including but not limited to clarifying and communication of the benefit. Team members include Allen Delong, Elmer Moore, Tama Spoerri, Jim Kelley, and Emily Briley. Tama mentioned that the College is working with an outside vendor to better market all of our benefits which might dovetail nicely with this effort.

Speaker Series:  Based on feedback we received from a staff member (who attended Elmer’s session), we’ve met with management in both Dining and Facilities to enlist their help in getting the word out about the speaker series, knowing that not all employees have personal access to the Digest on a daily basis. Elmer Moore and Steve Joyce kicked off the speaker series with presentations in November and December. Both were very well received by the attendees and we’re in their debt for getting us off to such a great start.

We planned for the next few speaker series including:

  • Cooking demonstration
  • Facebook
  • Landscaping/Lawn Care

Michele Gaillard volunteered to look into Cooking, Sarah Morgan was to speak with folks in IT about a Facebook session (including security issues), and Mike Roux volunteered to speak with Phil Labbe and/or Tim Carr about the Landscaping/Lawn Care topic.

Spring Event:  Historically, BAS has hosted a spring luncheon for staff in April – as a reminder, last year’s featured “Wellness at Bowdoin” and included a Buck Video and a Jeopardy game. For 2010, we’re considering a more social event and are looking into the following (those in parentheses are bringing info to our next meeting):

  • Sea Dogs game in the BBQ area – Rodie
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do – Sarah
  • Bowling – Michele

We discussed the idea of an on-campus happy hour, but have some reservations about that approach.

Next Meeting:  January meeting is Thursday, January 20th at 3:00 at which point we’ll decide a direction for the “spring social.