BAS Minutes - November 10, 2010

Present: Allen Delong, Michele Gaillard, Rodie Lloyd, Sarah Morgan, Elmer Moore, Delmar Small
Absent: Mike Roux, Tama Spoerri

October Breakfast with College Committees (BAS Steering; Oversight Committee on Multicultural Affairs, Oversight Committee on Gender and Sexuality, Benefits Advisory Committee)
We briefly discussed the energy evident in the breakfast earlier this month and agreed that BAS should keep in touch with these committees to see if we can be supportive and helpful as they pursue their issues. We'd all benefit from some clarity around what these various committees are for, what their roles are, what 'authority' do we have. In terms of BAS, questions were raised about role, that is, are we a 'hospitality' committee, or more of an advocacy group?. More to come on all of these points, as we didn't determine next steps.

BAS areas of focus The above-mentioned discussion about purpose of BAS led us to a continuation of the conversation from our October meeting about our focus for this year, in addition to our 'speaker series'. There is continued interest in discussing the tuition benefit and while we're aware of the budget pressures, we feel there may be  actions we can take to at least better understand, clarify, simplify and review the policies governing the current tuition benefit.  Del offered to research how many employees currently take advantage of the benefit and whether there is a way to estimate how many others might make use of it.  Other areas we touched upon include: developing and sharing the demographics of the Bowdoin staff (maybe even something like the first year boards that were created this year); child care center costs; and questions on Bowdoin's supplemental questionnaire for admissions.

Facebook  Sarah shared the BAS Facebook page which she created and later sent it to the group with a plea to join if you're a Facebook user. Thanks Sarah!

Speaker Series
Elmer on November 18th.  Michele is checking on room set-up (85 chairs facing front of room). Elmer will talk with Mike about AV needs. Rodie will introduce the series. Elmer/Rodie will bring a sign in sheet. Michele is working on tix for students to have a meal (if they shake Elmer's hand!), and will then work with Pat Folger from Admissions on producing. Michele is arranging for hot apple cider and water. Michele will continue to publicize. Any BAS members attending will arrive by 4:40 so we can act as hosts.

Steve Joyce on December 14th. Will someone else be willing to introduce Steve as I have a conflict that nite starting at 4:30? Elmer' sreserved the room. Elmer, can you check on seating and Steve's AV needs as well? Michele is publicizing. Let's see how it goes for Elmer's chat to determine other needs (beverages, tix, etc)