Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2005

To: BAS Steering Committee Members
From: Leanne Pander
Date: September 5, 2005
Re: Minutes from Steering Committee Meeting 09/02/05

Present: Leanne Pander (Reporting), Lester Prue, Sue O'Dell, Peter Wagner

Welcome and introduction of new members: We welcomed new BAS Steering Committee member Sue O'Dell, and look forward to greeting new members Juli Haugen and Jeff Tuttle at the next meeting.

2004-2005 wrap-up: Peter reviewed the BAS accomplishments and activities of the last year:

  • Bylaws and elections changes: Terms of membership on the Steering Committee were increased from two to three years to ensure more group "memory;" terms are staggered so fewer members will leave the committee each year than in the past. Elections have been rescheduled for later in spring semester to more closely coincide with terms which begin on July 1.
  • Appointments to special College committees: The Steering Committee was asked to recommend BAS members for several special committees. The appointees are Judy Montgomery to the Academic Dean Search Committee; Sara Eddy to the Admissions Dean Search Committee; and Chris Taylor to the Re-accreditation Team. Thanks to these members for agreeing to serve on these important committees.
  • The BAS luncheon March 24 was very well attended, with guest speaker Jim Miller providing an entertaining and informative view of the admissions process at Bowdoin and elsewhere.
  • With the money remaining in last year's BAS treasury, we helped to support a campus picnic in June.
  • Peter reported that the BAS budget has been increased for the coming year, which should enable us to pay for more activities than we could last year. [update 9/13/05: we have confirmed that the increase is $1,000 for the combined BAS/SSAC budget, or in effect, $500 for BAS]

Management of BAS email alias: Sue O'Dell volunteered to monitor the emails that come in to the message box on the BAS web page. She will forward these to the Steering Committee or to other College departments as appropriate, and we will respond to queries if the writer includes an email reply address.

"Did You Know" announcements: Last year, Peter proposed sending regular emails to BAS members with tidbits of information about opportunities for staff members at Bowdoin, e.g. access to athletic facilities, library privileges, discounts on purchases of computers, etc. Even though some of these may be announced in the Faculty Staff Digest, or may be mentioned at new staff orientation, many of us forget and don't take advantage of such opportunities. Peter will send an email to the BAS membership inviting people to send in ideas to include in these "Did You Know" announcements. We feel this will be a terrific service to the community, as well as a vehicle to foster interest in the BAS organization.

Ideas/Schedule for Future Events:

  • After-Work Socials: We discussed the possibility of re-introducing Friday afternoon socials at Magee's. These haven't been held for several years, and we anticipate that there might be interest in having one each semester. In the past, family members have been able to attend, which gives many staff members more flexibility in attending. Staff pay for drinks, BAS picks up the tab for pizza or other munchies. Lester will check on the cost and possible dates, aiming for September 23 or 30. The Steering Committee will put out feelers for free or inexpensive entertainment for these events.
  • BAS Luncheons: We hope to sponsor one luncheon each semester, with a BAS speaker at each. Last March we had announced that the meal would be subsidized except for $2.00 per person, but decided on the day of the lunch to cover the entire cost, which was much appreciated by attendees! We believe that we can cover the lunches with the increased BAS budget. Recommended date will be the week of November 7, far enough away from Homecoming and Parents' Weekend and from the Thanksgiving holiday. Peter will check with Ken Cardone for date availability, and with possible speakers from the list we had compiled last year.

Other topics: A question was raised as to why the Wellness Fair has been cancelled for next semester, as this was a well-attended and much-appreciated event. Lester will ask Tama about this. We discussed the possibility of conducting a survey to find out how much interest there is among staff members for this event.

Respectfully submitted,

Leanne Pander