September 19, 2008

BAS Steering Committee Meeting
September 19, 2008
Moulton Union North Conference Room
11:00 am

Present: Lisa Rendall, Sarah Morgan, Allen DeLong, Scott Meiklejohn, Tama Spoerri, Eileen Johnson, Denise Trimmer, Michele Gaillard
Absent: Keisha Payson

Introductions of new members: New members Allen DeLong, Sarah Morgan and Michele Gaillard were introduced and welcomed to the group.

June Picnic Recap: All reports back to Tama were positive regarding the June picnic held outside between Thorne Hall and Chamberlain. People especially liked the gifts, music and the ability to take the rest of the day off.

BAS Committee Appointees: The Steering committee must appoint a recording secretary and an incoming chairman who will replace Lisa next year. Michele volunteered to be the recording secretary. The discussion of the incoming chairman’s position was tabled until the next meeting so that key members may mull their options.

Colleen McKenna stayed on the Benefits Advisory Committee for an extra year to ensure continuity but has declined to re-up for another year. The Steering Committee will need to determine who had the next highest number of votes in last spring’s election and invite them to join the committee in her place. Eileen suggested that we ask one of the new committee members to accept a three-year term which will keep two members from leaving the committee in 2010. Lisa will review the records and make the contacts.

Commute Another Way request for funds: Eileen Johnson, speaking for herself and Keisha Payson, asked about the possibility of the Steering Committee contributing funds from our budget in support of the CAW program. October is CAW month and there will be several events including a kick-off lunch on October 1 that will bring together people who are interested in carpooling and a breakfast on October 8 for the walking/biking-to-work crowd. The program does not have a budget per se so is seeking funds from various groups. The Steering committee voted unanimously to support the program with $200 of our budgeted funds. The events will be advertised as “co-sponsored by BAS”.

2008-2009 BAS Events Brainstorming: Michele being a new member, asked for an explanation of the mission of BAS. Lisa and Tama indicated that in years past it functioned to advocate for administrative staff in matters regarding working conditions, pay and benefits but this has not been its role more recently (although it would still function as such if needed). The group has served to bring administrative staff together in a non-work environment for educational, informative and social purposes. The group’s annual budget is $2,500, of which approximately $1,000 is needed to support the costs of the annual staff picnic.

Allen thought the Steering Committee should promote the Bowdoin Staff Assistance Fund especially in light of the effect of high heating prices this winter. We discussed adding a link to the BAS website that would facilitate contributions to the fund. He also thought we should sponsor a presentation by Fidelity on the effect of the awful market conditions on our retirement accounts.

Sarah asked about the possibility of creating a policy that would allow employees a yearly allotment of work time to volunteer for the common good similar to the policy at Tom’s of Maine and Fleet Bank. Denise indicated that her department takes a day during student breaks to work together on a project.

Michele suggested the use of The Café for a social event that could feature a wine tasting and hors d’oeuvre platters. Trish Gipson has been working on the concept and we’d like the opportunity to try it out.

Tama said that HR could use some help in the roll-out of the automated administrative exception tracking later this year. She also suggested that we consider a “farewell skate” for staff at Dayton Arena during lunchtime sometime in November or December. The price of admission could be a non-perishable food item that could be donated to Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program.

Lisa thought that tours of the new ice arena prior to its opening would be of interest. Scott said he has a lot of experience with facilities tours and would be happy to arrange for this some time between mid November and mid-December.

Scott indicated that there is a lot of interest in the Maine Street Station project which would make a great topic for the spring luncheon. He also thought that since 2009 is the centennial of Peary’s trek to the Pole and because the museum is focusing on it, we might do something in conjunction with the Arctic Museum.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Michele Gaillard