Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2006

To: BAS Steering Committee Members
From: Leanne Pander
Date: April 9, 2006
Re: Minutes from Steering Committee Meeting 04/07/06

Present: Juli Haugen, Sue O'Dell, Meg Hart, Peter Wagner, Leanne Pander (Reporting)

Spring Luncheon: The BAS Luncheon held yesterday, April 6, was very well-attended and the presentation was enthusiastically received. Audience members were observed buzzing with ideas as they learned from Robert Denton, Holly Sherburne and David Israel about the new and ever-evolving Bowdoin web site. The event and the door prizes pretty much used up the remainder of the BAS treasury for this year.

Bowdoin Social Events: BAS has received through email, and some members have heard from colleagues, that the old Bowdoin summer picnic is sorely missed by many staff members. Although the Polar Awards event is very lovely, many people feel it was more fun and relaxing to have a day of real recreation and relaxation outside. Organizing and budgeting for the picnic, along with events meant to honor award-winning employees and retirees, has been extremely time-consuming and difficult for HR and other planners. The Polar Awards celebration itself represents a great deal of effort to honor special employees and provide an enjoyable afternoon for all employees. Although it's too late to change anything for the coming summer, we agreed to pass the suggestion along to Tama that in the future, Bowdoin should consider restoring the annual picnic or some other more fun-oriented event for staff, if possible.

Suggestions for BAS Events: Although our two evening socials this year were not well-attended, many staff members have indicated that if a regularly-scheduled social were held, perhaps the same Friday each month, they would remember to come. Another idea was for morning coffee socials to be held before work.

Campus Committees: We are waiting for the results of the nominations for BAS representatives to campus committees, due by the end of the day. We learned from Tama that CCG has recommended discontinuing the Professional Development Committee because it was underutilized; the funds will somehow be distributed among departments. However, we had received names of nominees for this specific committee, and we do not feel that the announcement of the committee's demise should come from BAS. We will ask Tama to make the announcement right away so we can notify those who expressed a strong interest in serving on this committee.

We further discussed the role of BAS members on campus committees. We agreed that it would be appropriate and helpful for appointed members to give feedback on their committee's activities, either in writing or verbally to the Steering Committee, or even to one member of the Steering Committee. This way, we could better prepare the new members who are elected to serve, and there would be more clear expectation about the committee service. Peter will write to those who are slated to come off committees this year and ask them for a brief report, either a written summary or a few words at the May 5 Steering Committee meeting. We will try to meet next week to go over the nominations; Sue will schedule a time through MeetingMaker.

Relating to the discussion on campus committees, we also talked about the many staff members who are eager to get involved in some Bowdoin activity, while only a very few slots are available for the "official" BAS posts on committees. We can see a role for the Steering Committee as a sort of clearinghouse for volunteer opportunities; we could refer those administrative staff who would like to get out of their offices and work on projects and other activities, but who don't know what's available. For example, the Polar Awards celebration usually needs a lot of help every year. We will follow up on this idea.

Next Meeting (to review committee nominations): To be determined

Next Regular Steering Committee Meeting: Friday, May 5, 9-10 a.m.