Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2005

To: BAS Steering Committee Members
From: Leanne Pander
Date: March 9, 2005
Re: Minutes from Steering Committee Meeting 03/04/2005

Present: Meg Hart, Scott Meiklejohn, Lester Prue, Peter Wagner, Leanne Pander (reporting)

Proposed BAS Election Timeline: Sarah and Ruth had developed a timeline for the various components of the BAS Steering Committee election process. Neither of them was able to attend this meeting, but they had given Peter a detailed chart noting the steps and timetable. Peter distributed this and asked for feedback from the rest of the Steering Committee members.

We agreed that it will be valuable to have the election process documented so future Steering Committee members will not have to reinvent the wheel!

BAS Luncheon: The luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, March 24, the second week of Spring Break, in Daggett Lounge. Jim Miller will be the speaker. BAS will cover the major portion of the lunch cost, and attendees will pay $2.00 per person. Peter will pick up a few items to be raffled as door prizes. BAS Steering Committee members will be available during the luncheon to greet people, help with door prizes, etc.

Ruth offered to put together a flyer for the event; Peter will contact her to coordinate details.

Meg will find out which College committees will have vacancies this summer. We will announce these at the luncheon and encourage people to nominate themselves or others who are interested.

Membership Change: Ruth Maschino will not be able to serve an extra year on the Steering Committee, as she had originally planned. This leaves one more slot to fill in the coming elections, for a total of three: two for three year terms (July 2005-June 2008), one for one year (July 2005-June 2006).

Future Events: It was noted that the hockey rink is available at lunchtime for staff skating, and getting a group together would be a fun activity. Unfortunately, it is likely that the rink will be closing soon, so we probably won't have time for this. A good idea for next year! Other ideas: a late-spring or summer picnic, perhaps to be co-hosted with SSAC.

Next Steering Committee Meeting: Friday, April 1, 2005, 9:00-10:15 a.m., Smith Union Conference Room

Respectfully Submitted,

Leanne N. Pander