Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2005

To: BAS Steering Committee Members
From: Leanne Pander
Date: February 14, 2005
Re: Minutes from Steering Committee Meeting 02/04/2005

Present: Meg Hart, Ruth Maschino, Sarah Phinney, Lester Prue, Peter Wagner, Tama Spoerri, Leanne Pander (reporting)

Vote on BAS Bylaws: The proposed changes to BAS Bylaws were officially accepted in the recent vote, receiving approval by more than the required 2/3 of the votes cast. Out of approximately 298 administrative staff members, there were 104 "yes" votes and 3 "no" votes for the proposed changes. One person emailed Sarah to express her concerns that the proposed changes would make terms for Steering Committee members too long, and might discourage some from accepting a nomination. This prompted Ruth to suggest that future ballots should include a box for comments.

Online Ballots and Nominations: Regarding the time frame for completing the BAS election and appointments to committees: Lucie Teegarden asks that we send names to her by the beginning of June for inclusion in the 2005-2006 College Catalogue. This deadline will help us determine the timeline necessary for mounting online ballots and nominations. It takes 14 business days for IT to set up the ballots, so the BAS election process needs to begin fairly soon. We have to 1) solicit nominations for BAS Steering Committee; 2) conduct BAS Steering Committee elections from among those nominated; 3) solicit from staff for nominations/volunteers for College committee representatives; 4) select from these nominees the BAS representatives to committees, all before June. Sarah agreed to set up the online BAS election process, and Leanne will set up the online process for the committee nominations. Ruth and Sarah will meet to figure out the exact timetable we should adhere to.

We agreed that it would be useful to add a box on the nomination forms to facilitate comments about why the nominee would be a valuable staff representative to the committee, rather than asking people to email comments to us separately. We also decided that it would be helpful to send out one or more messages to the BAS membership before elections, explaining what BAS is and what the Steering Committee does.

Lab Instructors: This group of staff members has expressed to Tama their strong interest in being more involved on campus committees. We asked Tama to let them know that as BAS members, lab instructors are eligible to apply for appointments to committees as BAS representatives, when the Steering Committee solicits nominations later this semester.

Spring Semester Event: The BAS treasury has $1500 left for events this year. We discussed possibilities and agreed that lunches have been very popular. Peter will check the availability of Daggett Lounge for a lunch during the second week of Spring Break (March 21-25). Several names were suggested as possible speakers for the luncheon; Peter will start contacting people to see who is interested and available.

BAS Common Good Project Support: At our last meeting, we talked about meeting with Susie Dorn for ideas about how administrative staff could become more involved with community service projects, and how the College might support them to do so. Perhaps there could be grants available that staff could apply for, e.g., for travel with faculty and students to Guatemala. Ruth and Sarah will meet with Susie in February and will report back at our March 4 meeting.

Polar Star Awards: Peter spoke with Cindy Bessmer about the awards, and she said the Polar Star Committee would be very pleased to have BAS people involved in planning and helping with the event.

BAS Web Site: Leanne has submitted corrections for the web site, and will send more as information is collected. We discussed the "Suggestion Box" on the page and agreed that it is frustrating that we have no way to reply to people who submit suggestions because these are anonymous comments. We might take a suggestion and pass it along to an appropriate person or group, e.g., the Benefits Committee; but we cannot get back to a person to let them know what became of their question. We will explore adding a box for the person to supply their email address if they want an answer, and we'll try different wording for the suggestion box, e.g. "Your suggestion or query will be forwarded to the appropriate campus person or group. If you wish to receive a reply, please include your email address."

Leanne asked for input from the Steering Committee for the content of the web site.

Respectfully Submitted,

Leanne N. Pander