The Bowdoin Administrative Steering Committee (BAS) includes any benefits eligible, salaried employee within the Bowdoin Community.

Our Mission is to "provide a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual interest and concern and foster collegiality among administrative officers of the College. It seeks to promote a voice representative of its members, encouraging regular communications with the senior officers, faculty, and support staff of the College and wider participation in College affairs."

Steering Committee Members

Rebekah Beaulieu  2018 798-4125 Mueum of Art
Dave Holman 2018 721-7091 Annual Giving
Beth Hoppe 2020 725-3260 Library
Cassaundra Lindberg (co-chair) 2019 725-3734 Office of the Registrar
Ginny Fowles-Ward 2018 725-3565 Upward Bound
Ex Officio - Jennifer Crosson 725-3222 President's Office
Ex Officio - Tama Spoerri 725-3838 Human Resources