Campus Committees

Contact: Steve Cole, Dining Services
(term expires June 2012)
  Roberta Schwartz, Library (term expires June 2013)
  Jim Kelley, Treasurer's Office
(term expires June 2013)
Marko Melendy, Science Center
(term expires June 2013)
  Christine Wintersteen, Off-Campus Study
(term expires June 2013)

Aileen Park, Counseling Service
(term expires June 2013)

Benefits Advisory
2009-2010: Steve Cole, Dining Services ('12), Jeanne Bamforth, Academic Affairs ('10), Meadow Davis, Student Affairs ('09)
2008-2009: Colleen McKenna, Chemistry (09), Jeanne Bamforth, Academic Affairs (10), Steve Cole, Dining Services (12)
2007-2008: Margaret Hazlett, Student Affairs (08) Colleen McKenna, Chemistry (09) Jeanne Bamforth, Academic Affairs (10)
2006-2007: Margaret Hazlett, Student Affairs (08) Colleen McKenna, Chemistry (09)
2005-2006: Sara Eddy, Alumni Relations (06)/Tim Foster, Student Affairs (06) Colleen McKenna, Chemistry (07)
2004-2005: Sara Eddy, Alumni Relations (06) Mary Lou Kennedy, Dining (05)
2003-2004: Eric Foushee, Annual Giving, Mary Lou Kennedy, Dining
2001-2002: Joanne Levesque, Student Records, Cindy Stocks, Corporate and Foundation Relations
2000-2001: Joanne Levesque , Student Records
Oversight Committee on Multicultural Affairs
2009-2010: Bernie Hershberger, Counseling Services ('10), Elizabeth Mengesha, Planning and Development ('13)
2008-2009: Melissa Quinby, Womens Resource Center (09), Bernie Hershberger, Counseling Center (10)
Financial Priorities
2007-2008: Stephen Cole, Dining (09) Judith Montgomery, Library (08)
2006-2007: Judith Montgomery, Library (08) Ann Michaud, Human Resources (08)
2005-2006: Judith Montgomery, Library (07)
2004-2005: Judith Montgomery, Library (06)
Oversight Committee on the Status of Women (transitioned to Oversight Committe on Gender and Sexuality)
2009-2010: Julie Bedard, Registrar's Office ('13), Selby Frame, Communications ('10)
2008-2009: Martha Black, Chemistry (09) Selby Frame, Communications (10)
2007-2008: Alison Ferris, Museum of Art (08) Martha Black, Chemistry (09)
2006-2007: Erin Martin, Annual Giving (08) Michele Gaillard, Dining (07) 
2005-2006: Michele Gaillard, Dining (07) Mary Pat McMahon, Student Affairs (06)
2004-2005: Mary Pat McMahon, Student Affairs (06) Peggy Schick, Donor Relations (05)
2003-2004: Claire Berkowitz, Academic Affairs (04) Sue O'Dell, Library (04) Peggy Schick, Donor Relations (05)
2001-2002: Anne Clifford, Gender and Women's Studies, Lawrence O'Toole, Information Technology, R. Elizabeth Barnhart, Baldwin Learning and Teaching Center
2000-2001: Elsa Martz, Physics and Astronomy, Victoria Wilson, Museum of Art, Joyce Whittemore, Facilities
Professional Development Committee
2005-2006: Michael Brown, Security (06) Kimberly Pacelli, Residential Life (07) James Westhoff, Career Planning Center (06)
2004-2005: Michael Brown, Security (06) Bernard LaCroix, Athletics (05) James Westhoff, Career Planning Center (06)
2003-2004: Janet Dana, Student Records (04) Pauline Farr, Controller's Office(04), Ian Graham, Library (04) Bernard LaCroix, Athletics (05) Keisha Payson, Facilities (04)
2001-2002: Richard Lindemann, Library, Dodie Martinson, Academic Affairs, Elizabeth Orlic, Capital Support, Jennifer Snow, Information Technology
2000-2001: Dodie Martinson, Academic Affairs, Elizabeth Orlic, Capital Support
Sexual Misconduct Board
2007-2008: Julie Bedard, Student Records (08) Michael Tucker, Bookstore (09)
2006-2007: Liz Jacobson-Carroll, Student Aid (08) Jaret Reblin, Biology (09)
2005-2006: Pauline Farr, Controller's Office (06) Jaret Reblin, Biology (07)
2004-2005: Pauline Farr, Controller's Office (06) Eric Foushee, Annual Giving (05)
2003-2004: Ann Goodenow, Facilities and Michelle McDonough, Controller's Office
2001-2002: Mike Brown, Security and Stefanie Pempe, Athletics