The Bowdoin Administrative Steering Committee (BAS) includes any benefits eligible, salaried employee within the Bowdoin Community.

Our Mission is to "provide a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual interest and concern and foster collegiality among administrative officers of the College. It seeks to promote a voice representative of its members, encouraging regular communications with the senior officers, faculty, and support staff of the College and wider participation in College affairs."

Steering Committee

Jim Adolfco-chair 2016 725-3038 Stewardship Programs
Sarah Begin Cameron
2015 725-3748 Alumni Relations
Zakaree Harris 2015 721-5236 Admissions
Nate Hintze 2015 798-4244 Student Activities
Doug Cook 2017 725-3964 Communications/Public Affairs
Sarah Chingos 2017 725-3733 Education Department
Anne Witty 2017 725-3305 Arctic Museum/Arctic Studies
Carolyn Williamsco-chair 2016 721-5140 Annual Giving
Tama Spoerri, Ex Officio 725-3838 Human Resources