The Bowdoin Administrative Steering Committee (BAS) includes any benefits eligible, salaried employee within the Bowdoin Community.

Our Mission is to "provide a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual interest and concern and foster collegiality among administrative officers of the College. It seeks to promote a voice representative of its members, encouraging regular communications with the senior officers, faculty, and support staff of the College and wider participation in College affairs."

2017-2018 Steering Committee Members

Christopher Bird 2020 798-4241 Assistant Director for One Card, Events and Summer Programs
Ginny Fowles-Ward Term ends June 30 725-3565 Assistant Director, Upward Bound
Dave Holman Term ends June 30 721-7091 Assistant Director, Annual and Leadership Giving
Beth Hoppe 2020 725-3260 Social Sciences Research & Instruction Librarian, Library; BAS Steering Committee Chair
Cassaundra Lindberg 2019 725-3734 Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Michael Pulju 2020 725-3866 Interim Assistant Dean of Upperclass Students, Dean of Students Office
Tori Ryan Term ends June 30 725-3065 Manager for Academic Data Analysis & Technology, Office of the Registrar
Cindy Stocks 2020 725-3607 Director of Student Fellowships & Research, Center for Co-Curricular Opportunities
Jennifer Crosson Ex Officio 725-3222 Executive Assistant, President
Tama Spoerri Ex Officio 725-3838 Vice President of Human Resources, Human Resources