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Modernism at Bowdoin: American Paintings, 1900-1940
January 12, 2011 - June 26, 2011
Boyd Gallery
William J. Glackens, American, 1870-1938, "Captain's Pier," 1912-1914, oil on canvas, Gift of Stephen M. Etnier, Honorary Degree, 1969.

In the first four decades of the twentieth century, the quest for modern art inspired innovative artistic work, stirred up critical debates, and mobilized audiences previously indifferent to art. The paintings selected for this exhibition convey a sense of the quickly changing aspirations of American artists—and some of their European counterparts— as they engaged with and were polarized by the advent of Modernity. Seen together, the works demonstrate the phenomenal diversity of painting in an era that valued innovation and celebrated progress.

Marguerite Thompson Zorach, American, 1887-1968, The Family Evening, ca. 1924, oil on canvas, Gift of Dahlov Ipcar and Tessim Zorach, 1979.77
Marsden Hartley, American, 1877-1943, After the Storm, Vinalhaven, ca. 1938-1939, oil on Academy board, Gift of Mrs. Charles Phillip Kuntz

Joseph Stella, American, 1877-1946, Spring (The Procession), ca. 1914-1916, oil on canvas, Yale University Art Gallery, Gift of Collection Société Anonyme