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Bion R. Cram Professor of Economics

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ECON 1050. Introductory Microeconomics and Quantitative Reasoning

Rachel Connelly
A quantitative reasoning supported introduction to economic analysis and institutions, with special emphasis on the allocation of resources through markets. Covers the same content as Economics 1101 with added instruction in the quantitative skills used in modern microeconomics, providing a firm foundation for further coursework in economics. Students desiring a comprehensive introduction to economic reasoning should take both this course (or Economics 1101) and 1102 . To ensure proper placement, students must fill out economics department placement form and must be recommended for placement in Economics 1050. Not open to students have taken Economics 1101.

ECON 2212. Labor and Human Resource Economics

Rachel Connelly
A study of labor market supply and demand, with special emphasis on human resource policies, human capital formation, and wage inequality.

Rachel Connelly

Rachel Connelly started teaching at Bowdoin in 1985, after completing her Ph.D. in Economics for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Since then she has also held positions of NSF/ASA Fellow at the U.S. Census Bureau, 1988-89, and Visiting Professor at People's University, Beijing PRC, Fall 1991-Fall 1992 and Peking University, Institute for Population Research, Spring 1991, and Fall 1998 through Fall 1999.

Connelly's area of research is at the intersection of demographics and labor markets. She has published articles on the effect of broad demographic trends on the labor market decisions and on the economics of child care. Her research on child care considers both sides of the market -- the demand for child care on the part of families with young children, the labor supply of child care workers, employers use of child care as an employment benefit, and parental child caregiving time. Her most current research on child care, joint with Jean Kimmel, looks at the caregiving time of parents using the American Time Use Survey (ATUS).  Recent articles on times use by Connelly and Kimmel have been published in the Journal of Human Resources, Review of Economics of the Household and Eastern Economics Review.  In addition, Connelly and Kimmel have written a monograph, Time Use of Mothers in the United States at the Turn of the 21st Century, published by W. E. Upjohn Press.

Time Use CoverIn addition to the study of child care, Connelly conducts research on issues related to women's status, education, and migration in rural China.  Her articles on China appear in The China Journal, Economics of Education Review, Feminist Economics, Journal of Human Resources, and The Journal of Contemporary China, among others. 

Over the years her research has been funded with grants from among others: NSF, ILO, W.E. Upjohn Institute, the Joint Center for Poverty Research, the Ford Foundation, and the Sage/Rockefeller Committee on the Future of Work Connelly is currently a Research Fellow at the IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labor, in Bonn, Germany.

from left to right are: Zhenming Xie, Kenneth Roberts, Rachel Connelly, BinBin Lou and Zhenzhen Zheng, all collaborators in our Chinese Rural Women Migrants project.
The picture was taken in Sichuan near one of our research sites.
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Low-Wage America: How Employers are Reshaping Opportunity in the Workplace
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Kids at Work: The Economics of Employer Sponsored On-Site Child Care
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Southern Economic Journal
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In addition to teaching Introductory Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, and Economic Statistics, Connelly teaches courses on "Labor Economics and Human Resources", "The Economics of the Family," "The Economics of Lifecycle" and "Applied Research Practicum: Chinese Rural to Urban Migration." The latter four courses are all cross listed with the Gender and Women's Studies Program and the last one is also cross listed with Asian Studies. At Bowdoin, Connelly has served as the Director of the Gender and Women's Studies Program, and the Chair of the Economics Department.

In 2003 Connelly and co-author Jean Kimmel received the Georgescu-Roegen Prize in Economics for the best article in the Southern Economic Journal, 2002-2003 volume (abstract). In 1986 Connelly received the Dorothy S. Thomas Award for best paper by a recent graduate student, Population Association of America.

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