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Bowdoin College Scholarship Funds

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Student Fellowships & Internships

Your generous support for internships and fellowships provides life-changing opportunities for Bowdoin students across the country and around the world. Watch these students describe the power and impact of their experiences in their own words.

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Hyde Scholarships

Hyde Scholarships are multi-year, current-use gifts.

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Endowed Lecture Funds

John Warren Achorn Lectureship
The Achorn gift is to be used to fund lectures or courses in the field of ornithology (the study of birds) or by the Department of Biology.
Contact: Department of Biology, 207-725-3582.

Charles F. Adams Lectureship
To support a lectureship in political science and education.

Beecher-Stowe Family Memorial Fund
Lectures that address human rights and/or the social and religious significance of parables.
Contact: The Department of Religion, 207-725-3465.

Brodie Family Lecture
At the discretion of the President of the College along with the Chair of the Department of Education, the Brodie Family Lecture funds bring to campus a speaker of note in the field of education. The speaker would deliver a message on the subjects of problems and practices of teaching and learning.
Contact: Department of Education, 207-725-3465.

Tom Cassidy Lectureship
To support a lectureship in journalism.

Harold and Iris Chandler Lectureship Fund
Funds to be used on lectures on the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in the humanities.
Contact: Bowdoin College Library, 207-725-3155.

Annie Talbot Cole Lectureship
A lectureship that contributes to the ennoblement and enrichment of life by standing for the idea that life is a glad opportunity.

John C. Donovan Lecture Fund
The Department of Government shall select a John C. Donovan Lecturer in the field of Political Science.
Contact: The Department of Government and Legal Studies,  207-725-3295.

Blythe Bickel Edwards Fund
This fund is used to enrich and enliven Bowdoin College through artistic expression and performance. The Fund should encourage the creation, performance and appreciation of all forms of art, music and performance existing today and created in the future. The artistic boundaries of the fund are limited only by imagination and creativity.

The Elliott Oceanographic Funds
This fund is to be used in support of oceanographic education in its wide definition, for Bowdoin students.
Contact: The Earth & Oceanographic Science Department, 207-725-3628.

Alfred E. Golz Lecture Fund
Established by Ronald A. Golz '56 in memory of his father, this fund is used to support a lecture by an eminent historian or humanitarian to be scheduled cose to the November 21 birthday of Alfred E. Golz.
Contact: The Department of History, 207-725-3291.

Arnold D. Kates Lecture Fund
The Kates Lecture Fund supports periodic lectures, seminars or colloquia at Bowdoin on scientific topics with a preference for topics in the biological sciences or aspects related to the health sciences.
Contact: Dean for Academic Affairs, 207-725-3578.

Robert J. Kemp Lectureship Fund
Established to provide support for the Department of History to sponsor speakers and lecturers, including those in the field of geopolitics.
Contact: Department of History, 207-725-3291.

Kibbe Science Lecture Fund
These funds are to be used for periodic lectures at Bowdoin by visiting scholars on topics deemed to be "on the cutting edge of" or associated with new development or research findings in the fields of Astronomy or Geology.
Contact: The Earth & Oceanographic Science Department, 207-725-3628.

Lesbian and Gay Lectureship
This lectureship funds at least one lecture annually on campus that is open to the Bowdoin community and the general public. The College shall invite scholars, academic researchers, gay and lesbian cultural figures and leaders of the gay and lesbian community not in residence at Bowdoin. These lectures should address interdisciplinary research, issues of concern to the community, the social, economic, artistic and cultural contributions, and diverse issues of sexual choice in the gay and lesbian community.
Contact: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program, 207-725-3834.

Mayhew Lectureship
This lectureship provides funding for lectures on Bird Life and its effects on Forestry.
Contact: The Biology Department, 207-725-3582.

Charles Weston Pickard Lecture
Funds established to support lectures, courses, or research in the fields of journalism, communication or public relations.

Kenneth V. Santagata Memorial Fund
Lectures in the arts, humanities and social sciences to present new, novel or nonconventional approaches to the designated category.
Contact: Office of Stewardship Programs, 207-725-3928.

Edith Lansing Koon Sills Lecture Fund
To sponsor lectures by eminent women.
Contact: Office of Stewardship Programs, 207-725-3928.

The Harry Spindel Memorial Lectureship
To support annual lectures in Judaic studies or contemporary Jewish affairs.
Contact: Jennifer Taback, 207-725-3951.

The Jasper Jacob Stahl Lectureship in the Humanities
A series of lectures by some distinguished scholarly and gifted interpreter of the Art, Life, Letters, Philosophy, Culture of the Ancient Hebraic World or Ancient Greek World, Roman World, Renaissance in Italy and Europe, Age of Elizabeth I in England or Louis XIV, the Enlightenment in France or of the era of Goethe in Germany.

Tallman Lecture Fund
This fund is used to support visiting lectures and visiting professors.