Sundial Circle

The Sundial Circle is Bowdoin’s monthly recurring gift society. These gifts provide Bowdoin with a critically important, reliable source of revenue. They help Bowdoin meet the annual costs of supporting essential College activities and services.

You can establish a recurring gift with a contribution of as little as $5 per month. Monthly gifts can be made online. To establish a quarterly schedule (rather than a monthly one), please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 1-888-385-2254.


SIMPLE. Your gift is divided into manageable increments and you choose your monthly gift amount.

CONVENIENT. Once your gift is in place, you won’t receive other Alumni Fund solicitations. Plus, your gift is tax-deductible and each January you will receive a summary of your total annual gift.

SECURE. Your automatic payment information is safe and secure, and you can make a change to your gift at any time by contacting the Office of Annual Giving at

Here's how monthly gifts can add up:

Monthly Commitment
Total Annual Gift

1794 Society

Smaller installments, made more often, add up to a meaningful gift. By dividing your gift over a period of twelve months, the Sundial Circle may also allow you to make a leadership-level contribution. Learn more about the 1794 Society.

For example, here's how to reach a 1794 Society level contribution:

1794 Levels 12 Monthly Installments Years Since Graduation
$2,000 $167 10+ years
$1,000 $84 9 years (and post-50th reunion)
$750 $63 7-8 years
$500 $42 5-6 years
$250 $21 3-4 years
$100 $9 1-2 years